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July 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Congressman Charles Rangel - Ethics And Morals Or Just Another Political 'Hatchet Job'?

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Congressman Charles Rangel - Ethics And Morals Or Just Another Political 'Hatchet Job'?

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In The News:
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A Pew Survey/Poll in Pakistan shows that 6 of 10 Pakistani citizens consider America the ENEMY and 66% want us out of Afghanistan. The poll also indicates 'fear of the Taliban' is dropping, 'fifty-one per cent have "no confidence" President Obama will "do the right thing" in world affairs, up from 44% last year...' and that's just some of the results as unseasonably bad weather and intense Monsoons engulfs the front face of the Himalayas.

Not even on the side of Small Business... The Republicans mess up America's economic recovery again as they filibuster in the senate and win 58-41, preventing loans to small businesses via local banks.

Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel WILL fight House ethics charges filed against him including such horrid malfeasance as an out-of-registration oooolllld Mercedes parked in the House garage.

Arizona's gutted immigration "law" SB 1070 which went into effect yesterday will go before the 9th Circuit Court perhaps at the end of September, where the state government will plead for a removal of the restraining order.

Meanwhile, a congressman who opposes the law's office has a potshot taken at it, the federal judge who made the ruling is inundated by hate mail/threats, and there are demonstrations and scattered violence around Arizona as the citizens of Phoenix Arizona begin to fight back, making it a little tense for folks like 'I can feed my prisoners dog food if I like' Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who's also bucking for a DOJ task force "Takedown". 'Sheriff' Arpaio said he would continue the sweeps regardless of how U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton ruled..."

The response from the people of Phoenix?
Several hundred protesters blockaded a Phoenix jail Thursday and swarmed the downtown headquarters of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who pledged to launch another “crime sweep” targeting illegal immigrants across the city Thursday afternoon.

About 100 police officers in riot gear met the protesters and several were arrested. [In Full]

More on the migration front... Economic migration... It's a killer:
Migrant Deaths - 2000 - 2007
Recent heat waves made July a deadly month for immigrants crossing the Arizona-Mexico border, with 57 bodies recovered from the deserts south of Tucson on the American side, according to a New York Times report on Tucson's morgue. Tougher enforcement measures and increased border security have forced migrants to take their chances in the dry, mountainous landscape of south of Tucson, where roaming helicopters and frequent checkpoint stops create a scene reminiscent of a war zone. [In Full] Map source (HUGE PDF available)

Joe McCarthy, Russian Style - Political dissidents within the Russian security services will now be warned first, then detained and interrogated, and then... the Gulags?

A new Pentagon report indicates a HIGH percentage of suicides (1,700 last year), drugs use and crime amongst recently separated Army veterans.

In OTHER News:

Things change in the global economy... China overtakes Japan as the No.2 world economy.

In Iraq... remember Iraq, the war America 'Won' and is now retreating from? "Militants plant al Qaeda flag after deadly attack in Baghdad". Note that this COULD be a "False (al Qaeda)Flag" operation, and if so, that means US Mercs and the CIA are ramping up operations as US military troops move out of the theatre, and into Afghanistan.

The White House 'spins' WikiLeaks, but honestly, no leak is required:
President Obama managed to show just how nimble and how disingenuous an administration can be in his response to the WikiLeaks fiasco:
Obama, speaking from the Rose Garden after a meeting with congressional leaders to discuss funding for the war and other issues, deplored the leak, saying he was concerned the information from the battleground “could potentially jeopardise individuals or operations”.

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said he was appalled by the leaks, telling reporters “there is a real potential threat there to put American lives at risk.”
Now, it may or may not be true that this leak put people in Afghanistan at risk, but I find that to be a very interesting point for this president to be making, considering that the policy and execution of his policy absolutely jeopardizes individuals in Afghanistan and around the world. After all, if you put Julian Assange and President Obama together in a room, only one person in that room is ordering heavily armed people into a hostile war zone filled with civilians. And only one of them is executing a policy that increases the likelihood of a suicide bombing campaign directed at the United States and its citizens and that kills thousands of civilians each year.

This is a tried-and-true warmonger move... [In Full]

Meanwhile, the New York Times rattles America's 'Saber' at Turkey. I guess it wasn't enough that, most likely Blackwater, dumped thousands of high tech Glock pistols meant for the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority on Turkey to destabilize it and draw police/military resources away from the Kurdish border a few years ago.


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