Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Connecticut School Massacre: Local Headlines Read "There's No Words To Describe It"... But There ARE!

"...and America was shocked. America leads the world in shocks. Unfortunately America does not lead the world in deciphering
the cause of shock." ~~Gil Scott-Heron

Local Headlines Read "There's No Words"

But There ARE!

The words that describe it: Braaap! Braaap!

Consumerism-oriented "Industry" and the media... They will sell you ANYTHING, no matter the consequences to others, to enrich themselves and their friends.

Buy NOTHING this Xmas... Free yourself from the Murder Machine. Blood Diamonds. Slave Labor built computers and clothes you can still afford with America's near-worthless currency thanks to the Bloody Miracle of "Offshoring".

There's precious little difference between teenagers who labor themselves to a despondent suicide in a Taiwanese sweatshop working 100 hour weeks under the supervision of ex-Chinese army officers to make your iPhone or computer and:

Neither could leave if they wanted to. Sweatshop contract workers are indentured labor not free to go until their employment agency fees are paid. In the case of Saipan, some hiring 'agencies' demand a whole year's wages before the worker's contract is fulfilled. They ARE literally "Slaves".

YOU are literally a slave too!

...To the idea you have to have it all, and you are destroying yourself, other people, and the planet, for what could only be described as "Pretty Crap" foisted off on you by carefully crafted neuropsychological advertising and a vulture-like media. It would behoove us all at this late date to Know Your Enemy.

They'll sell your sexuality.

They'll sell your soul if you let them.

Now the media is selling you "sorrow" over the really-quite-predictable end results of their unmitigated greed, the terminal phase of a sick, unsurvivable society. Reject them. Reject their pre-prepared "Solutions" to problems they and their sociopathic friends in the government and industry literally created... Solutions like "Gun Control", or "Green Technology", or "Financial Industry Bailouts" and "Right to Work" laws that further reduce the value of your money and labor.

It's the culture stupid! A make-belive world of useless stuff "other people" you never will meet die for.

It's a indirectly murderous fantasy, narcissistic-sociopathic, and our children 'act out'.

Got that? It's on YOU!

Or will you continue to blame the "culprits" your society's Murder Machine not-so-inadvertently creates... even when the "culprits" are your own children? Displacing the blame just goes to illustrate how truly sick American society has become.

Because if they're raised right, by parents who are more concerned with their children's mental well-being and a socially/ecologically survivable future than how much stuff they can accumulate in their lifetimes and the sociopathic... literally psychotic 'culture' that drives them to consume and kill to consume in so many unseen but subconsciously damaging ways...

The kids WILL BE alright.

Decide for yourself where the insanity lies. Four out of five Americans are on Adderall, Ritalin or Prozac. One in three are obese. People in the Congo are massacred to facilitate our latest smart phone upgrades. America, Europe, Canada, Australia, we are all living 5 planet lifestyles. If you still need a reason to stop consuming - consider that manufacturing and consumption are responsible for more than half of the global carbon dioxide emissions. And if we heat up just 4 degrees more, we will witness a total and irreversible collapse of human civilization. We're killing ourselves - and even as the denial about global warming is slowly breaking over us, we still choose - sheeplike - to join the throngs in the malls. Without significant rituals, we clamour to participate in the only ones we have, like the Christmas shopping binge, driven by our desire for meaning - of which our culture is devoid.

It's not the "fiscal cliff" you should worry about ... it's the culture, stupid!" (source)

Buy NOTHING this Xmas... Don't contribute to the Murder Machine's enrichment...

But don't forget to give.

Peace... Out.