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May 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Times Square 'Bomber', The Pakistani Taliban, And Jihad As A Global Learning Experience

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceMay 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Times Square 'Bomber', The Pakistani Taliban, And Jihad As A Global Learning Experience

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In The News:
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The news this morning contains details about President Obama's Supreme Court nomination.

Attorney General Holder and the White House link the Times Square Bomber to the Pakistani Taliban. (More below)

There are reports the leader of the Pakistani Taliban has been killed.

The containment efforts continue in the Deepwater-Horizon oil drilling platform disaster in the US Gulf Of Mexico. (More below)

The "Tea Party" has forced Republican Utah senator Bennett out of the running for his party's seat.

The Iceland Volcano is still blowing smoke, and due to wind changes a number of airports in Europe had to close over the weekend.


Anonymous @ Tremble The Devil regarding Times Square 'Bomber' Faisal Shahzad: "...just one in a long line of really, really stupid terrorists."
Tremble The Devil
5 most ridiculous moments in terrorist history

"To become an Assassin you first had to go through a trial that is fairly unique in history. A prospective initiate had to smoke hash until he blacked out.


The first step to becoming an assassin was to literally smoke yourself retarded.

Afterwards you’d awaken in a lush garden, filled with fountains and the most beautiful damsels in all the land, who would feed him every type of delicious morsel and subject you to sexual pleasures he might not even had known were possible. Odds are, to become an assassin you’d have to be cool with having a finger stuck somewhere uncomfortable. Possibly the back of a Volkswagen.

As the day went on you were given more and more pleasures, and more and more hash, until you passed out from the dope once again. A finger may still have been somewhere uncomfortable. When you woke up, the whole process began again, until finally an Assassin explains that what you’ve just experienced was but a tiny glimpse into the Paradise that awaited you if you would die for Allah as an Assassin.

Once you accepted their offer you would learn all the ways of the dagger (while high), how to mix poisons (while high), become a master of disguises (also while high), and how to pass for a member of any religion or culture in the region (while, of course, high). On your mission you must be focused on the kill alone, not your own escape, or where to find some munchies.

Assassins carried out hundreds of bleary-eyed killings as they spread their empire from Persia across the rest of the Middle East, and faded from notoriety only after their supply of marijuana finally ran dry.

But the best part…" [In Full]

Let it be noted that the US media continues to be focused on the continued failure of spill containment, while the rest of the world sees the end results of that failure.
BBC: Oil slick hits Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana

"The islands are the second oldest national wildlife refuge in the US Oil from a massive slick in the Gulf of Mexico has started washing ashore on an island chain off the coast of Louisiana, US officials have confirmed.

Pelicans and other birds covered in oil have been found on the uninhabited Chandeleur islands, which are part of the Breton National Wildlife Refuge.

A federal maritime agency said there was "oiling all over" the islands." [In Full]
Kiss your environment goodbye, and don't forget to keep driving...

You Say: "Oil spills? No problemo, we'll just move to 'clean' nuclear energy!"
"Radioactive water that leaked from the nation’s oldest nuclear power plant has now reached a major underground aquifer that supplies drinking water to much of southern New Jersey, the state’s environmental chief said Friday." [In Full]

Last Tuesday, May 04 2010, yours truly was on Free Radio Santa Cruz discussing the recent window smashing spree in the downtown business district, the Santa Cruz Farmers Market Drum Circle displacement, More
A May 04 2010 discussion on Pirate Radio Freek Radio Santa Cruz, with host Free on his show Free-The-Land, about the recent window smashing spree in Santa Cruz California, Anarchism, property destruction, 'Black Blocs', provocateurs, the displacement of the Santa Cruz Farmers Market Drum Circle, what 'Community' means, 21st century psychedelia, and other provocative(sic) subjects.
[Player, M3u, an audio files here. (Run Time: 1h 46m)]

In Iraq... Remember Iraq?: Turkish forces, aircraft hunt PKK in N. Iraq

Finally... The Pentagon thinks it's soldiers should die at bargain prices: Troop pay raises too generous

[After the news, The Capitol Steps on what passes for food in America, Ian Shoales(Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre) on Warren Beatty's sex drive, and finally, Jack Ingram and Dierks Bentley discuss a girl we all know. Courtesy of the respective artists and KVMR radio Nevada City California Earth.]


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