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March 25 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 25 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News

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In The News:
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However, there are a few OTHER news items worth noting:

The Party of Cruelty
Clusterfuck Nation by James Howard Kunstler

It was amusing to see the Republican party inveigh against health insurance reform as if they were a synod of Presbyterian necromancers girding the nation for a takeover by the spawn of hell.

This was the same gang, by the way, who championed the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, then regarded as the most reckless giveaway of public funds in human history. Along the way, they enlisted an army of nay-sayers representing everything dark, disgraceful, and ignorant in the American character. If the Republicans keep going this way, they'll end up with something worse than Naziism: a party that hates everything but believes in absolutely nothing.

The most striking elements of so-called health care in America these days is how cruel and unjust it is, and in taking a stand against reforming it the Republican party appeared to be firmly in support of cruelty and injustice. This would be well within the historical tradition of other religious crusades which turned political -- such as the Spanish Inquisition and the seventeenth century war against witchcraft. In Full @ Clusterfuck Nation

Actual socialist weighs in on "socialist" health bill
from Salon: War Room by Alex Koppelman

If you listen to damn near everyone on the right these days, you'll hear that the healthcare reform bill that the House passed last night is "socialism," or "creeping socialism" at the very least. In reality, that claim just doesn't hold up. Just ask a socialist, like Billy Wharton, who's the co-chair of the Socialist Party USA.

The Socialist Party just e-mailed reporters a statement from Wharton in which he slams the bill, saying it's not reform but is "instead a corporate restructuring of the American healthcare system designed to enhance the profits of private health insurance companies disguised with the language of reform."
Co-chair of the Socialist Party USA, Billy Wharton, opposes the healthcare bill passed yesterday by the House of Representatives and scheduled to be signed into law by President Barack Obama on Tuesday. Wharton's opposition is based on the belief that this bill is not a reform. Instead, it is a corporate restructuring of the health insurance industry created to protect the profit margins of private insurance companies.

The bill passed by the House yesterday would mandate all Americans to purchase health insurance coverage or face a fine. It would also create health insurance exchanges, an idea crafted by the right-wing Heritage Foundation, where people would purchase insurance from private companies. Those not eligible for Medicaid but who still could not afford to purchase insurance would receive public funds from the federal government to purchase bare bones coverage insurance plans from private insurers... In Full

Some info on the buying of elections by our corporatocracy
from And, yes, I DO take it personally by profmarcus

(Also see "It's NOT The Money... It's What They Do With It - Neuropsychology, 'BlipVertising', And The USSC Ruling On Corporate Electioneering" @ Razed By Wolves)

moveon's right... transparency alone won't cut it...

Democrats in Congress have proposed a bill intended to stop the flood of corporate money into elections. This is an incredibly urgent issue since the Supreme Court legalized unlimited political spending by big corporations.

Unfortunately, this bill would require most corporations to only report how many millions they spend. History shows that transparency alone won't stop big corporations from buying our elections.

We put together this chart make the point. If enough people understand why a "transparency-only" plan won't work, we can convince Congress to push for a stronger bill, like the Fair Elections Now Act.
MoveOn Money In Politics
In full @ and yes I take it personally


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