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February 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: My Name Is Travus And I'm A 'Recovering Driver' - Choice: Driving Or My Medical Marijuana

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Hello My Name Is Travus (HI Travus!) And I'm A 'Recovering Driver' - Choice: Quit Driving Or My Medical Marijuana

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In The News:
PLEASE READ: Da Buffalo is experiencing computer problems that have mildly crippled his computer. Due to that fact, until further notice, I will be taking a brief listen to the news via radio (Da Buffalo lives in the KPIG broadcast area) and transcribing it. The audio files will be clipped (with perhaps a few seconds of other station audio due to my inability to listen to the audio while editing and mixing it) where I BELIEVE the relevant audio is (Visually) located. But if I fail I have no way to know, so programs #3 and #4 are the raw audio files (titles & files tagged as such)courtesy of my MP3Angel ChrisM who supplies files in the 13-15 minute range for editing. I am also unable to add the perfunctory station ID to the posted audio so I just want to reacquaint my listeners with the legal fact that that ALL RIGHTS are reserved by Cabale New Service and KPIG radio Freedom California under Creative Commons Copyright NC ND 3.0. NO commercial use... author attribution... NO modification to the existing files (That DOES include the Raw files as well). Hopefully the issues with my computer will be resolved soon. Thanks.

Toyota is extending it's recall to the new year's Prius over a sticky gas pedal while State Farm insurance claims it informed the NTSC (and undoubtedly Toyota itself) about the problem in 2007.

Congressman John Murtha (D-Penn) passes at 77. He was the longest serving congressman in the house and the chair of the House Armed Service committee. His seat in congress AND the committee are now up for grabs.

Iran claims to have developed a new drone with no radar signature and a range of 420 miles. Iranian authorities claim they are already in use.

In OTHER news:
Funny how this happened just before the Copenhagen climate conference (but I'm NOT laughing)
Climategate Scientist Cleared

Finally the faux scandal which will forever be known as "Climategate" is more or less over. An Academic Board of Inquiry has cleared Michael E. Mann, the climatologist at the center of the controversy. After a team of paid hackers illegally infiltrated the e-mail servers of the University of E. Anglia, they thought they had evidence a shred of evidence that might discredit the work of an entire generation of climate scientists. The evidence was this: the word "trick." Unfortunately, the scientists were slow, VERY slow to respond to the wild stampede of climate skeptics who, in a frenzied dance of false victory, managed to dominate the blogosphere, the radio waves and even major TV outlets. Within 48 hours the term "Climategate" was being used on CNN and by the end of the.. [In Full]


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