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March 30 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: They Should Have Named It Something Else - 'Pink Slime' And Other Awful Offal Things

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 30 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: They Should Have Named It Something Else - 'Pink Slime' And Other Awful Offal Things

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Razer Raygun Says:
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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...
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«o» The oil companies are in the news. Yesterday president Obama went to the White House Rose Garden and made a speech saying that congress should drop tax breaks and subsidies for the oil companies.

«o» The Republicans don't like that idea... further, congressman Ryans 'slasher' budget passed the house with an overwhelming majority yesterday but it's sure to die in the Senate. The House also voted to kill any possibility of the Simpson-Bowles budget balancing amendment's passage.

«o» Unlike the US House of Representatives, collective economic planning works - It's been 13 years since China opened it's national oil company, and they've just reached number one in global sales surpassing EXXON/Mobil, BP, or any other Western oilco.

«o» If you're not a vegetarian you've been eating it... 40% of all ground beef sold in the US has at least 10-15% "Pink Slime" content. Pink Slime, for want of a more complex description, is pulped and liquefied beef scraps with ammonia added. Many restaurant chains are dropping beef with the 'additive' due to unpalatable publicity, but no one's talking about Hot Dogs... Are they even really pork and beef at all?

«o» Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Saudi Arabia for meetings with King Abdullah before her trip to a sixty nation meeting about 'what to do about Syria'. How about we just let their new constitution stand and reel in NATO's al-Qaeda and CIA mercenaries who are destabilizing the country?

Their newly passed by a large margin of voters constitutional reform plan:

«o» Pakistan is still negotiating with general Allen in regard to US relationship with the country. "Drones over Balochistan" and other regions of that sovereign nation being a contentious point in their talks.

In OTHER News:

Canada is going to cut their penny from circulation because it costs more to mint and handle than it's face value.

...And the Global Genocide of indigenous peoples continues with the 'evacuation' of the KayapĆ³ tribe - an Indian people of the Amazon region in Brazil's Mato Grosso, to allow for construction of a hydroelectric dam.

The cooperation between the federal government's troops and the local (ie. extractive resource companies and interest OWN them) corrupt government's 'police' is notable in this photo.

It looks like these guys were warning the photographer if he stuck around his lifespan could be a lot shorter than he thought.

Which lead this commentator to note... again:

This is Razer Raygun saying remember...

Capitalism has a gun at your head every moment you're alive:


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