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February 23 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Stupid Soldier Tricks - Burning Korans For WHATEVER Reason And The "Snowball" Effect

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 23 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Stupid Soldier Tricks - Burning Korans For WHATEVER Reason And The "Snowball" Effect

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...

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[After the commentary... This what it sounds like when you lose a war... Alabama3 (Vietnamistan), remixed by Skidmark Bob, Pirate of the airwaves and host of PoP dEFECT Radio. Courtesy of the respective artists.]
«o» Rioting over the intentional and 'authorized' burning of Korans by Western forces at Bagram prison continues to spread (still more) with approximately half of the cities in Afghanistan experiencing 'civil disturbances' even as the US and NATO have seven "Advisors" and soldiers killed... 14 wounded, by an Afghani soldier who turned his machine gun on his trainers and the soldiers in the area. These attacks are becoming a 'systemic problem' according to Western war planners with "at least 77 lives in the past five years, with three-quarters occurring since early 2010,". More at the Examiner.

«o» In our last war... Iraq, there have been five coordinated bombings in Baghdad against government and police agencies which left fifty dead and two hundred wounded. 'Five' is also the number of Iraqi cities in some stage of insurrection.

«o» In U.S. politics President Obama is beginning to release the details of his tax policies. There is a corporate tax rate cut to 28% with some loopholes and tax breaks going away along with alleged 'increased enforcement'. The chances of the bill even getting out of committee no less make it to the floor by the fall is nil.

«o» Last night saw the TWENTIETH debate between the Republicans with NO discussion of current national issues at all even as next Tuesday bring us the Michigan and Arizona Republican primaries.

In OTHER News:
>Let’s pretend for one moment that you’re a music label. How do you stop the online piracy that’s eating into your profits? Here are some possible steps:

Step 1: Get a lawyer.

Step 2: Send a cease and desist order to The Pirate Bay, the biggest BitTorrent site for sharing movies, music, porn, computer programs, you name it.

Step 3: Realize you don’t know who is operating The Pirate Bay. Notice they are dismissing all legal threats on their blog with statements like: “0 torrents has been removed, and 0 torrents will ever be removed. :)”

Step 4: Go back to the drawing board.

Step 5: Seek a High Court judgement that lets you get an injunction on the country’s top Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This way, they can block their customers from accessing The Pirate Bay.

Step 6: Realize that people who use The Pirate Bay are quickly finding new ways to evade their ISPs.

Step 7: Go back to the drawing board.

We’re at Step 5 in Britain.

Earlier this week Britain’s High Court agreed with Sony and eight other record labels, that the Pirate Bay infringed on copyright. This gave the labels permission under section 97A of the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act to get an injunction on Britain’s six biggest Internet Services Providers, ordering the likes of BSkyB, BT Group and Virgin Media to block access to The Pirate Bay. (The fire-sharing site has 3.7 million users in Britain, according to comScore.)

Many see this as a devastating act of censorship. The Pirate Bay dubbed the U.K. the “United Kingdom of Censorship,” in response to the ruling. Site co-founder Peter Sunde, who no longer works with the site but is fingered in the High Court judgment, said the entertainment industry was a “copyright mafia” seeking “protection money” from ISPs. The U.K.’s Pirate Party said Britain was “sleepwalking into comprehensive site-blocking.”

It does seem a tad hypocritical of the British government to condemn online censorship in the Middle East, before going on to suggest blockades of social networks during riots and watching its courts ban troublesome piracy sites. But actually blocking a site like The Pirate Bay is so complicated, it may even be ineffectual anyway...
Find out why @ Forbes... "The Tricky Job Of Banning The Pirate Bay"


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