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November 23 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Turkeys On Parade - Republican Debate #11... Warmongering Anti-Humanitarian Fascists

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 23 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Turkeys On Parade - Republican Debate #11... Warmongering Anti-Humanitarian Fascists

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[Before the commentary, yours truly gives in to the spirit (snigger) of Black Friday, with a Public Service Announcement, followed by a holiday sponsorship from Schlotsky's Pure Grain Alcohol. After the commentary, the Firesign Theatre invites us to "Pass the Indian" for the holidays followed by a recitation of things we can be thankful for... Too Much Stuff... Delbert McClinton, courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG Radio Freedom California Earth.]
«o» Last night, during the republican presidential debates, the first commercial break went from an infomercial on the Afghan war to a a buff guy telling us we need testosterone supplements and then went back to the war report. Also surreal, Michelle Bachmann reminded us that she is on the House Intelligence Committee so she KNOWS a bunch of things and she KNOWS that Iran is going to supply non-existent fissionable materials to Venezuela so Venezuela could smuggle it into the US via Mexico (using drug gangs natch) and blow up Washington DC. Ron Paul took all the right stands as always, but whether he's electable, and whether he could accomplish any of what he desires within currently existing Republican policy framework remains doubtful. More.

«o» In Egypt things are calming down a bit as the military government makes a few concessions and say they'll turn the government over to the civilians as of July 1 next year (even though elections are coming up at the end of the week) instead of a year and a half. There are thousands of people in the streets and in Tahrir Square with crowd control troops standing by, but there's no violence at the moment.

Snap analysis:
Egypt's Military Is Jeered Over Proposed Handover Deal by protesters, even as the Muslim Brotherhood says it will no longer take part in the demonstrations (Just like September's march) . That's notable because the Brotherhood is the power bloc that has been doing most of the negotiating with the ruling Junta, and they are also the NeoCons of the Muslim world. That MIGHT lead one to believe that they just sold out the Tahrir Square demonstrators by leaving the other factions of the movement on the street to potentially be slaughtered and their organizations destroyed while the Muslim Brotherhood consolidates it's power. It's notable that many now feel the Egyptian elections coming up are "doomed", and WILL NOT reflect the wishes of the majority of Tahrir Square protesters.
«o» At the #Occupy protests in San Francisco the city wants to move the #Occupiers into a deserted school in the mission district.... Right... Also, The Oakland #Occupiers are beginning to return to the Square across from city hall, and at Davis, where the now globally known Pepper Spray incident occurred, there is a growing encampment at the site of the incident leading up to a student strike on November 28 to coincide with a meeting of the University of California governing board.

An aside on the UCD pepper spray incident:
When I posted a picture of the UC Davis Police Department RECORDS OFFICER casually spraying non-resisting students with pepper spray on Twitter the other day , some of my twitter friends in the Spanish Plaza Occupation movement (Indignados) thought it was so bizarre the picture must have been a photoshop job.

My response: @mariomateu @AnonymousAction La foto es absolutamente real


Mario Mateu: Absolutamente real. Si seƱor. QT @RazerRay @AuntieImperial :La foto es absolutamente real
«o» There are also be a number of Black Friday resist consumerism demonstration planned, and this time it may not stop on the Friday after Thanksgiving:


Adbusters Everything Is Fine Keep ShoppingYou’ve been sleeping on the streets for two months pleading peacefully for a new spirit in economics.

And just as your camps are raided, your eyes pepper sprayed and your head’s knocked in, another group of people are preparing to camp-out. Only these people aren’t here to support occupy Wall Street, they’re here to secure their spot in line for a Black Friday bargain at Super Target and Macy’s.

Occupy gave the world a new way of thinking about the fat cats and financial pirates on Wall Street. Now lets give them a new way of thinking about the holidays, about our own consumption habits. Lets’ use the coming 20th annual Buy Nothing Day to launch an all-out offensive to unseat the corporate kings on the holiday throne.

This year’s Black Friday will be the first campaign of the holiday season where we set the tone for a new type of holiday culminating with #OCCUPYXMAS. As the global protests of the 99% against corporate greed and casino capitalism continues, lets take the opportunity to hit the empire where it really hurts…the wallet. More @ Adbusters, the Journal of the Mental Environment

«o» Finally, President Obama said yesterday that anyone who tries to circumvent the automatic sequestering of federal funds which for a number of reasons seems to work to the advantage of the Democratic Party in the upcoming election year, will find a presidential veto waiting.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

And remember...

When you least expect it the authoritarian nature of the state shows through:

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