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October 20 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Dead 'Outlaws' - Making Us Safer... Or Just More Careful 'Cause There's No Place To Hide?

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceOctober 20 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Dead 'Outlaws' - Making Us Safer... Or Just More Careful 'Cause There's No Place To Hide Anymore?

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In The News:
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«o» She got her government's wish.

It was just a day ago that:
(Secretary of State) Clinton tells Libyans: We want to see Qaddafi dead.

"We hope he can be captured or killed soon so that you don’t have to fear him any longer,” Clinton told students and others at a town hall-style gathering in the capital city.

Until now, the US has generally avoided saying that Qaddafi should be killed..."

[More... Including info on the Aid package offered to the Western operated 'government' of Libya]
But was he wounded by a NATO air strike? Only to be killed later?

The New York Times headline reads:

Qaddafi Is Dead, Libyan Officials Say - Libyans Rejoice as News of Death Spreads

"An image captured off a cellular phone camera shows the arrest of Libya's strongman Moamer Kadhafi in Sirte on October 20, 2011. A Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) commander had told AFP that Kadhafi was captured as his hometown Sirte was falling, adding that the ousted strongman was badly wounded." (Source Foreign Policy Magazine)
GRAPHIC Image! Here.

From Foreign Policy Mideast Brief:
Libyan National Transitional Council forces have overtaken Qaddafi's hometown of Sirte after numerous setbacks and weeks of fierce resistance and have claimed to have captured Muammar al-Qaddafi. However, reports of his capture are not yet confirmed. A senior NTC military official told Reuters, "He's captured. He's wounded in both legs...He's been taken away by ambulance." (ed note: the image above shows a much more severely wounded person)
Mahmoud Jibril in which Libya's interim leader announced he would resign discussing the difficulty of governing in a "political struggle with no boundaries." [In Full with links]
At least no boundaries that stop at the Libyan border, because Libya IS NOT really in the control of any Libyan government now.

For semantic verification... Foreign Policy Morning Brief - "Anti-Qaddafi forces seize Sirte".

Foreign Policy magazine DID NOT headline "Government of Libya seizes...".

There's a reason for that. The people in charge are NOT the legitimate government. or for that matter 'in charge' (src)

But you can be SURE, legitimate government or not, India didn't care much for Muammar al-Gadaffi... not because he was 'brutal' but because:
"Gaddafi advocated for 'independent Kashmir'

Press Trust of India

New Delhi: Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed on Thursday, once caused a major diplomatic embarrassment to India when he supported the idea of an 'independent state' for Kashmir and said that it should be a 'Baathist state' between India and Pakistan.

In his maiden address to the UN General Assembly in 2009, the maverick leader also mentioned India as among the countries that will be competing for a permanent seat in the Security Council while opposing the induction of big powers into the powerful body.

Gaddafi, who has rarely been a person India has been comfortable with, in his speech railed against India and Kashmir as well.. [In Full]
Indeed, that was his "Crime" in the eyes of the Western Foreign Policy makers. Demanding freedom for the some of the most oppressed people on Earth, and although those policy makers would NEVER admit that in public, massive numbers of people around the globe are aware that another 'brutal dictator' wasn't really what he was made out to be.

Certainly many Africans knew:

[Click the image for MUCH MORE on the topic]

In the rest of the news this morning:
«o» Not so ironically Secretary of State Clinton was in Tripoli just the other day with news of aid to the Western installed government... aid to a country that just a few months ago had one of the highest living standards on the African continent.

«o» Now she's in Afghanistan where NATO is losing, and losing badly:
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Afghanistan unnanounced yesterday to encourage the Afghan government to continue pursuing reconciliation with the Taliban and greater counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan even as the United States begins to exit the scene (AP, BBC, CNN, Post, AJE, AFP). Sec. Clinton also promised more pressure on insurgents from U.S. troops in Afghanistan, as NATO officials announced today that Afghan and coalition forces have killed at least 115 militants so far in northeastern Afghanistan in an ongoing operation that began around October 15 to assert control over the turbulent Afghanistan-Pakistan border region (AP, NYT).

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, a female parliamentarian yesterday ended her two-and-a-half-week long hunger strike protesting her ouster from parliament earlier this year (AP).

Sec. Clinton's next stop is Islamabad," [More]

«o» The Greek parliament passed the first of two votes on economic austerity measures and there will a final vote today even as Grecians involved in a 48 hour General Strike in the streets show their government what Democracy looks like.

The New York Times headline says thousands, but it certainly understates, so the editors recover in the copy:
Thousands in Greece Protest Austerity Bill

October 19, 2011

ATHENS — By now, it almost feels like a ritual: a strike and large demonstration disrupted by skirmishes and tear gas ahead of a parliamentary vote on new austerity measures that Greece needs to take to qualify for the next installment of aid the country needs to fend off default.

But what was different on Wednesday, the first day of a two-day general strike before Parliament voted in the evening to approve new austerity measures, was the scale of the protest — tens of thousands of people — and the range of the demonstrators.

Although the demonstration was organized by leading labor unions, everyone from trash collectors, teachers, retired army officers, lawyers and even judges walked off the job to protest the government-imposed wage cuts and tax increases that they say are squeezing the debt-ridden country into penury.

“There’s no precedent for this,” said Anastasia Dotsi, 70, a retired bank worker who said anger had driven her out to protest. After two years of austerity measures, “we have been crushed as a people,” she said. [More]
More images in this New York Times slideshow.

«o» Presidential hopeful Rick Perry has come out with a "Flat Tax proposal" which would equalize taxes across the board in some gerrymandered form.

But there ARE other ways... How about a #Robinhood tax?

From AdBusters... the people who brought us #Occupy, and a magazine... The Journal Of The Mental Environment:

This is a proposal for the general assemblies of the Occupy movement.

Eight years ago, on February 15, 2003, upwards of 15 million people in sixty countries marched together to stop President Bush from invading Iraq … a huge chunk of humanity lived for one day without dead time and glimpsed the power of a united people's movement. Now we have an opportunity to repeat that performance on an even larger scale.

On October 29, on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in France, let's the people of the world rise up and demand that our G20 leaders immediately impose a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3-trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day – enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world.

Take this idea to your local general assembly and join your comrades in the streets on October 29.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

[More. Take this to your neighborhood GA today!]

In OTHER News:
Headine and Meme of the day from the Washington Post:
Wall Street still backing Obama

President Obama, able to collect money through his campaign and through the DNC, has raised far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data... [More]

I was deployed to Iraq 4x

5 of my friends are dead
1 of my friends is missing his arm
1 of my friends killed himself
I've been blown up 2x by roadside bombs
Hearing fireworks makes me nervous
I can't sleep at night

All so bankers and war profiteers could get richer

I am the 99%

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

You can see what class war war looks like if you pay attention:

(PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives...)


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