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August 29 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Listen Teabagger - There ARE Things Governments Do You Wouldn't Want To Go Away

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Cabale News ServiceAugust 29 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Listen Teabagger - There ARE Things Governments Do You Wouldn't Want To Go Away

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In The News:

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[After the commentary, Carlos Santana, with a remake of the Classics IV song "Stormy" (band history, wikipedia). Courtesy of the respective artists.]
» It was a pretty good rain storm but the billing as a disasterous hurricane was not lived up to in any of the major Northern cities. There was some damage on Cape Hatteras where 2,500 people are stuck the due to the one causeway going to the island collapsing... But in Vermont and upstate New York where everyone seems to live by a creek or a river it's more problematic. There are dams needing water released to prevent overflow leaving Montpelier and a number of other towns and hamlets in the region under flood threat.

» The biggest Sunni mosque in Baghdad was hit with a suicide bombing yesterday leaving nineteen dead and thirty six wounded. One of the dead was a Sunni MP who may have been the target.

» A drone strike in Waziristan has apparently killed al-Qaeda's second in command... Their operational leader, if you believe there is such a thing as an operational leader of al-Qaeda, or for that matter any real organization called that. A reminder here that the Pakistani population is not only outraged at the CIA's war in their boondocks with the tacit consent of the government which has led to civil disturbances in the cities currently being put down by deputized Pakistani Frontier 'police' who are technically part of the country's army, and the civilian:combatant kill ratio as calculated by the Pakistani government is 50:1. Not much better than carpet bombing, but a LOT less expensive in Dead:Dollars spent.

» The UN headquarters in the capital of Nigeria was hit with a car bombing by an Islamic rebel group over the weekend. It's part of the war on the oil companies who are stripping the country of it's resources while the people live in poverty... amidst the pipes, making them easy targets. When the rebel group MEND chases ShellOil out of the Niger Delta a number of years ago, within the year the company's mercenaries weren't there, 435 miles (approximately the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles) of pipeline vanished into the jungle... and then probably loaded onto ships headed for metal recyclers.


'Check Yourself' Means Look In The Mirror And Ask: "Who the F**k Do You Think You Are?"
Addicts... Any kind... From the 'depths and degradations' of Heroin addiction to the typical American compulsively consuming 'Stuff' they're told they must have.

As they spin out of control they attempt to micromanage, control, assign responsibility to, and blame everyone but themselves.

Responsibility-for-their-own-actions while simultaneously maintaining the addiction is not possible.
What Did You Say

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(And PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives...)


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