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August 16 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Bad News And The Good - The Good News Is The Republicans Cannot Beat Barack Obama

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceAugust 16 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Bad News And The Good - The Good News Is The Republicans Cannot Beat Barack Obama In The Presidential Election

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In The News:
Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.
» The president is in Iowa this morning discussing the development of rural jobs. In his speeches he repeatedly has noted that the Republicans are more interested in beating their opponents than the good of the nation. Tomorrow he will be in Illinois.

» The 'Great WHITE Hope' Texas governor Rick Perry, lording over a state whose economy runs on privatized prisons is intending to make stump speeches in the Carolinas, Florida and the Southern tier of the US.

» There were fifty five separate well-coordinated attacks across Iraq yesterday including a rocket and mortar attack on the "Green Zone" by the Shiite militias as notification to the U.S. that IF it decides to stay past the December deadline (which IS inevitable), with or without the permission of the Iraqi 'government', the attacks will only become more common and most likely worse.

» France and Germany are meeting today to discuss their collective economic situations and the future of the European Union. Right now Italy, Spain, Ireland and Greece's economies are putting pressure on the union's economic structure, with Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark talking about dropping the Euro for their own regional currency.

They kept the cell phone service on yesterday and civil liberies group MAY call off legal actions at least while the FCC investigates, but there IS a war between BART and the hackers and backers of Anonymous in San Francisco due to BART's shutting down of their underground cell phone relay service in an apparently illegal attempt to disrupt a planned legal protest over BART police shootings of unarmed or 'subdued' civilians.

Yesterday's protest over the shutdown and the concurrent police state response 'took out' the Civic Center BART station and it's Muni services along with three other stations (Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery and Embarcadero from 5:15 p.m. to somewhere near 8 p.m.) with just 150+- protesters and a MASSIVE police presence. The question of whether BART can tamper with common carrier communications services without public notice may still end up in court... most likely a federal one. Pictures and more at San Francisco IndyMedia.

Background and rundown in yesterday's report (redirects to Razed By Wolves).

In OTHER News:

You remember the "Sons of Iraq"? the US-formed Iraqi 'civic group' that was supposed to help stabilize Iraq acting as neighborhood watches and militias for the benefit of (and on the payroll of... When they got paid... a common complaint that eventually caused their all-but-dissolution) the U.S. government? Even as recently as yesterday, some of those 'sons' were assassinated in an Iraqi town.

Since that plan did not work out for us... What do we do in our OTHER dirty war?

The "Sons Of Afghanistan"... in it's infancy:
SIRAQULA, Afghanistan (AP) — The local Afghan leader's community meeting was off to an unpromising start. Hours after the meeting, called a shura, was supposed to begin, only seven old men waited at the gate of U.S. Marine Patrol Base Salaam Bazaar in the northern part of Helmand province.

Frustrated, Naw Zad District Chief Said Murad Sadtak chastised an Afghan army commander.

"Why did you not invite more people?" he demanded. "It was your task to tell the people and make sure that they come to see us so we can discuss their problems. It's kind of a waste that I am here."

The army commander had invited locals to the small fortified camp, but sometimes those invitations were extended during gunfights when soldiers and U.S. Marines were using private Afghan homes and farmers' poppy fields for cover.

Sadtak continued to complain and his American mentor, U.S. Marine Maj. Aniela Szymanski, moved to the old man's side.

"Maybe we should welcome those who have come to see you," she said gently.
[More passive-aggressive threats here]
Just in:
Marvel as the lead CIA field agent fires on his own forces with a .75 caliber recoilless rifle and a .55 caliber machine gun.

Gasp as Air America B-26s the CIA made to look like Cuban planes come under fire too.

Wonder at the CIA-Mafia collusion to kill Castro, Richard Nixon's role in the invasion preparations, the use of American pilots.

...And remember...

The same kind of murderous idiots are leading the 'rebels' in Libya right now!

Fidel Castro near Playa GironNational Security Archive
Top Secret CIA 'Official History' of the Bay of Pigs

Washington, D.C., August 15, 2011 - In the heat of the battle at the Bay of Pigs, the lead CIA field operative aboard one of the transport boats fired .75mm recoilless rifles and .55mm machine guns on aircraft his own agency had supplied to the exile invasion force, striking some of them. With the CIA-provided B-26 aircraft configured to match those in the Cuban air force in order to provide a "plausible denial" of the U.S. role in the invasion, "we couldn't tell them from the Castro planes," according to the operative, Grayston Lynch. "We ended up shooting at two or three of them. We hit some of them there because when they came at us...it was a silhouette, that was all you could see."

This episode of 'friendly fire' is one of many revelations contained in the Top Secret multi-volume, internal CIA report, "The Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation." Other revelations include new information on the CIA's collaboration with the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro as part of the invasion plan, Richard Nixon's role in the invasion preparations, covert efforts to orchestrate the defection of top Cuban officials, Anastacio Somoza's quid pro quos for providing cooperation, and the use of American pilots in the attack on Cuba.

Pursuant to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive on the 50th anniversary of the invasion last April, the CIA recently declassified four volumes of the massive, detailed, study--over 1200 pages of comprehensive narrative and documentary appendices.

The Archive posted all four volumes today, along with a comprehensive synopsis of the new information contained in them. [Visit the documents]
Backgrounder at The Daily Beast: History Held Hostage

Last, but certainly not least:
SYDNEY (Reuters) - The in-flight entertainment on some planes run by Australian airline Qantas currently contains a somewhat unusual offering -- a movie that purports to elucidate the mysteries of female sexual pleasure.

The 50-minute French film "The Female Orgasm Explained," which includes naked scenes, is carried on long-haul "Video on Demand" aircraft in the airline's "The Edge" channel -- complete with a warning that it is for mature audiences only.
"In general programs are selected according to quality of content, box office/ratings, topicality and Qantas customer demographics,"
Qantas said in a statement, adding that programs were screened by their program team before licensing.
"With the Edge, we source programs that are out of the ordinary across all genres."
Airline crews are able to block content to the seats of minors and at the requests of their parents, it added. The film will be run until November. [Get 'on it' here]
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(And PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives...)


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