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August 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Pretending They Aren't Modern Day Slaves - The House Of Reps Cancels The 'Page' Program

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Cabale News ServiceAugust 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Pretending They Aren't Modern Day Slaves - The House Of Representatives Cancels The 'Page' Program

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In The News:

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[Before the news, a word from our sponsor, Maxfield House Coffee... Roasted as dark and black as our future. As rich as we are poor.]

» London is not exactly burning... due to 16,000 police officers on the streets in a bid to quell a potential fourth night of rioting and looting. But Manchester, (North) Nottingham, Liverpool, and Birmingham didn't fare so well. In North Nottingham a police station was attacked, and in Liverpool and Wooolwich (Woolwich video here) the rioters (insurrectionists if you prefer) attacked the police in the street and prevented the them from setting up cordons.

More details, images, videos and interviews below the fold in the OTHER News.

» The Wisconsin recall elections fell short with only two of the six districts electing Democrats leaving them one vote short of a majority in the state legislature.

» In Michigan the state has cut their budget by stripping students in courses deemed to be job training of their right to USDA food benefits (Food Stamps). That leaves thirty thousand students trying to figure out how to schedule a trip to the local soup kitchen into their class schedule.

» It's just as well that children don't work for employers who are predators and sociopaths - The Page Program which gave high school students the chance to work for their congressman running errands in the House of Representatives has been cancelled. That move will save congress from any more nasty "pervert publicity" and ten million dollars a year.
In 1983, two lawmakers were censured by the House of Representatives for having sexual relationships with teenage pages. Rep. Dan Crane, R-Ill., admitted to sexual relations with a 17-year-old female page, while Rep. Gerry Studds, D-Mass., admitted to sexual relations with a 17-year-old male page. (as well as the more recent scandal involving Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla.) (src)
More in the commentary.

» After a 200 point gain yesterday the Dow is currently down 340 and the instability is pushing the price of Gold up $10-$16 a day.

» U.S. drones have killed seven alleged Pakistani 'militants'. That most likely means they were civilians who just happened to belong to the 'wrong clan'.

» In our longest war, the Koreans have exchanged six rounds of artillery fire in the Yellow Sea. Three from the North, and three from the South. Details

In OTHER News:

More details, images, and interviews in regard to the riots in Britain.

From ABCNews:
According to an account provided by the IPCC, Duggan was a passenger in a minicab when the cab was stopped Thursday evening by submachine gun-toting officers from Scotland Yard's Operation Trident -- a special operation "dealing with gun crime among black communities, in particular drug-related shootings."

What happened next is unclear due to conflicting reports by the IPCC and London-based media, which only have basic facts in common: multiple shots were fired, at least one bullet was lodged in a police radio worn by one of the officers and when it was over, Duggan was dead.

Based on the IPCC account, two shots were fired by a single officer. Later, after Duggan was pronounced dead at the scene, the IPCC said a post-mortem examination revealed he had been shot in the right arm but was felled by a single shot to the chest. A non-official handgun was recovered from the scene, but it did not appear that gun had been fired, the IPCC said.

Though the IPCC does not mention other shots being fired, it did confirm another bullet was recovered from the radio worn by one of the police officers. That bullet was consistent with those fired from the submachine guns carried by the officers.

Along with scouring the area for CCTV footage, the IPCC said it is taking statements from witnesses including the driver of the minicab who was not injured but "badly shaken by what he saw."

One witness, quoted in the London Evening Standard, said that police shot Duggan dead as he lay on the ground... [More]
"Speaking from his Tuscan holiday villa, Prime Minister David Cameron – who has finally decided to return home to take charge - declared simply that the social unrest searing through the poorest boroughs in the country was "utterly unacceptable."
Unacceptable IS the word... especially if one is talking about the continued LOOTING BY THE economic elite of the British poor's health, labor, and welfare.

The view from the rest of London:
August 9, 2011

Panic on the Streets of London
by Laurie Penny
I’m huddled in the front room with some shell-shocked friends, watching my city burn. The BBC is interchanging footage of blazing cars and running street battles in Hackney, of police horses lining up in Lewisham, of roiling infernos that were once shops and houses in Croydon and in Peckham. Last night, Enfield, Walthamstow, Brixton and Wood Green were looted; there have been hundreds of arrests and dozens of serious injuries, and it will be a miracle if nobody dies tonight...

...Violence is rarely mindless. The politics of a burning building, a smashed-in shop or a young man shot by police may be obscured even to those who lit the rags or fired the gun, but the politics are there. Unquestionably there is far, far more to these riots than the death of Mark Duggan, whose shooting sparked off the unrest on Saturday, when two police cars were set alight after a five-hour vigil at Tottenham police station. A peaceful protest over the death of a man at police hands, in a community where locals have been given every reason to mistrust the forces of law and order, is one sort of political statement.

Raiding shops for technology and trainers that cost ten times as much as the benefits you’re no longer entitled to is another. A co-ordinated, viral wave of civil unrest across the poorest boroughs of Britain, with young people coming from across the capital and the country to battle the police, is another.

Months of conjecture will follow these riots. Already, the internet is teeming with racist vitriol and wild speculation. The truth is that very few people know why this is happening. They don’t know, because they were not watching these communities. Nobody has been watching Tottenham since the television cameras drifted away after the Broadwater Farm riots of 1985. Most of the people who will be writing, speaking and pontificating about the disorder this weekend have absolutely no idea what it is like to grow up in a community where there are no jobs, no space to live or move, and the police are on the streets stopping-and-searching you as you come home from school.

The people who do will be waking up this week in the sure and certain knowledge that after decades of being ignored and marginalised and harassed by the police, after months of seeing any conceivable hope of a better future confiscated, they are finally on the news. In one NBC report, a young man in Tottenham was asked if rioting really achieved anything:

"Yes," said the young man. "You wouldn't be talking to me now if we didn't riot, would you?"

"Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you."
[In Full @ Commondreams]
Also see this local newscast by BBC (most likely to never be repeated) with Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster about the riots. Speaking about the mistreatment of youths... including an incident of police harassment that happened to his own son. The money quote:
"I don't call it a riot. I call it insurrection."
In the meantime, in between time, in America, a war on the poor is declared, regardless of color, creed, or national origin. It has been in progress since the country's inception, as a matter of fact it's built into the Constitution, which is why there IS a Bill of Rights (or a number of delegation would have walked out, and stayed out of the Constitutional Convention), but there's never been so obvious an example:
"A Declaration of War on the Poor": Cornel West and Tavis Smiley on the Debt Ceiling Agreement

The veteran broadcaster Tavis Smiley, and the author and Princeton University Professor Cornel West, are in the midst of a 15 city, cross-country trek they have dubbed, "The Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience." The tour comes on the heels of last week’s controversial deficit agreement. [Video and Transcript @ DemocracyNow!]
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(And PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives...)


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