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July 13 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Our Do-Nothing Congress - Dump Them ALL... Couldn't Do Any Worse Starting From Scratch

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 13 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Our Do-Nothing Congress - Dump Them ALL... Couldn't Do Any Worse Starting From Scratch

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In The News:

Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.

After the commentary, George Carlin, with a reminder for you about how these congressional clods got elected in the first place, and offers us a 'third way'. Courtesy of the respective artists.

» The White House talks which are supposed to be putting together a solution to the federal debt are going nowhere with a fifth meeting due today. Senator Mitch McConnell has an arcane plan to allow the debt limit to be raised without a congressional vote but the overage would get paid down over then next three years subject to rejection by congress. More.

» The head of the Pakistani ISI is on his way to Washington DC to talk with CIA leaders and other US government officials regarding why he wasn't informed about or asked for assistance in the Osama bin Laden Abbottabad assassination operation, even as the US cancels $800 million dollars in military aid to the country.

» Congressman Ron Paul has decided not to run for congress next year to concentrate on the Republican presidential nomination.

» You see? They ARE doing something... The House has rejected a bill that would have modified federal regulations on light bulbs, which favored energy saving bulbs over the heat generating incandescent. More in the commentary.

» There have been three explosions in Mumbai India's business hub. Associated Press:
The blasts hit the crowded Dadar neighborhood, the famed jewelry market Jhaveri Bazaar and the busy business district of Opera House, an official at the city's Police Control Room said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of office policy.
More At BBC

» A new ATFE law applying to border state gun shops will limit the ability of citizens to purchase more than two high power rifles in a week. The limit will be four rifles a month. That action was taken in the the wake of the ATF's fubar attempt to find out where the guns are in Mexico by actually sending them there to see which crimes they got used in... You read that right.

» In Wisconsin it looks like four of the six the Faux Democrats placed in the running to force a runoff by the Democrats... a move intended to delay a recall election, have been immediately bumped by the "Real" Democrats. Six Republican state senators who voted to strip state employees of their collective bargaining rights and more are now on borrowed time. The runoff caused by the Republicans will delay the political demise of those who voted for the anti-labor measure by only a month. They may do a lot of damage in that month though.

In OTHER News:

For A Damn Good Reason Too! The Rich Fear Violence in the Streets


Hmmm... Public 'resentment' against the rich could turn violent... I support that, and we should get together and do it as soon as possible before these people, who control not just the money, but the media as well, figure out how to get the middle class to turn against the poor... Fascists LUV that kind of action, and the middle class of the US, which has been shown repeatedly to blindly work against it's own self interest, is quite used to scapegoating OTHER people.
Why the Rich Fear Violence in the Streets

July 6 2011

By Robert Frank

Caption: An auto lays on its side
and crowds gather after a bomb exploded
on Wall Street on Sept. 16, 1920. (Getty)

Last year, I was at a billionaire’s home in California and I asked him to describe his biggest worry. He pointed to a 19th century painting on the wall, which depicted a female beggar receiving alms from a wealthy gentleman and giving her patron a flower in return.

“That’s what I worry about,” he said. “But instead of flowers, she’s got guns.

Violence in the streets, aimed at the wealthy. That’s what I worry about.”

It turns out he wasn’t alone. A new survey from...

In full @ Auntie Imperial's News & Blog Review

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

Remember, they only call it class war when we fight back:

(...and DO try to keep your government from killing too many 'dusky natives' in the meantime OK?)


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