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May 12 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: We Cannot Afford To Hire Idiots And Morons For President... Cases-In-Point Trump Gingrich McCain

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Cabale News ServiceMay 12 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: We Cannot Afford To Hire Idiots And Morons For President... Cases-In-Point Trump Gingrich McCain

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[After the commentary the Austin Lounge Lizards musically discuss a recently announced Republican presidential candidate's traits... and they are unfavorable in comparison to a common reptile. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California, Earth]

» Seventy five percent of Americans polled think that we should get out of Afghanistan now that we have killed Osama bin-Laden. Meanwhile, The Indian Prime Minister is visiting 'president' Karzai and he's come out in favor of the Afghani government's negotiations with the Taliban. Current intel says al-Qaeda is in Pakistan... maybe. So we're on the offensive there, with OR without the Pakistani government's approval and have killed eight more alleged 'militants'.

» It now appears we're going to concentrate our al-Qaeda fighting resources on the tiny nation of Yemen where two months of protests over president Saleh, who said he would step down when they find someone 'competent' to replace him, but doesn't think anyone is as competent as he continues with another four or five more protesters killed and continuing, spreading demonstrations. A sitrep on Yemen at MERIP.

» British Prime Minister Cameron said he's going to begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan this summer with a complete withdrawal envisioned before next year.

» At least ten people are dead in a double earthquake on the Southern coast of Spain, a 5.6 and 6.6. They are the largest earthquakes Spain has experienced in fifty years.

» The Senate is going to stage a "Dog & Pony Show" when the oil company executives come to hearings today to be chastised over taking tax breaks, incentives and payments from the federal government totaling a paltry-by-corporate-standards 2 billion dollars a year. That 'woodshedding' will be performed by many of the same people invested in their companies... Senators.

In other senatorial news:
Five Republican Senators to watch in Obama debt meeting

By Chris Cillizza and Rachel Weiner

On Wednesday President Obama huddled with Senate Democrats to talk about the coming debate over raising the debt ceiling and the larger fight over federal spending.

Today Obama sits down with Senate Republicans in what, almost certainly, will be a more contentious gathering.

Below is our look at five GOP senators to watch both in today's meeting and the broader debt debate. (Missed our look at the five Democratic Senators to watch? Check it out here.) [More @ The Washington Post]
» Yesterday a House committee voted to block the funding of destruction of Nuclear Weapons as required by the New START treaty. More @ Gannett DefenseNews... One of the few reporting agency besides Iran's Press-TV that noted this story in it's headlines.

In OTHER News:

Osama bin-Laden, Rogue CIA operative with an axe to grind:
Bin Laden also reportedly retained a singular focus on the West, a position that caused tension with other members of al-Qaeda.
H/t to Foreign Policy Magazine AfPak Channel for that link. Despite bin-Laden's death, It would behoove us to keep questioning WHY he was obsessed with attacking the Western industrialized nations.

Even in Razer's most perverse moments (and I have them regularly), I could not laugh about this:
Free Kids Inhalers from "Coal Cares"

Coal Cares is a brand-new initiative from Peabody Energy, the world's largest private-sector coal company, to reach out to American youngsters with asthma and to help them keep their heads high in the face of those who would treat them with less than full dignity...
Visit Coal Cares and let them know that Razer & Auntie Imperial sent you. H/t: Rising Tide North America.

Yesterday, A federal grand jury met in Alexandria, Virginia regarding the potential federal indictment of Julian Assange.

From WL Central:
What to Expect in the WikiLeaks Grand Jury Investigation

Kevin Gosztola


A federal grand jury is meeting at 11 am EST in Alexandria, Virginia. The grand jury is being employed to build a case against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who just won a gold medal for peace and justice from the Sydney Peace Foundation.

The WikiLeaks case is part of a much broader campaign by the Obama administration to crack down on leakers, writesCarrie Johnson of NPR. Johnson is one of a few reporters in the US press who has published a report today on this stirring development in the United States. She finds national security experts cannot remember a time when the Justice Department has pursued so many criminal cases based on leaks of government secrets.

The number of people subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury is unclear (and not in any of the few news articles published on the grand jury so far). What is known is that at least one individual from Cambridge was issued a subpoena seeking to compel him to testify before a Grand Jury. Glenn Greenwald of reported the individual served had a public link to the WikiLeaks case and it was highly likely the subpoena was connected to the WikiLeaks Grand Jury investigation.

There are two other federal Grand Juries that are ongoing in the country. In San Jose, California, a Grand Jury has been empanelled to investigate the hacktivist group, Anonymous. Another Grand Jury in Chicago has been empanelled to target antiwar, labor and international solidarity activists for their political action... [In Full, Detailed]
A note from the FaceBook "Free Julian Assange" page:
The article has a few oversights and errors, such as grand juries having been in place since the inception of America, grand jury proceedings have always been secret; federal grand juries tend to demand more evidence; a judge oversees each grand jury and the judge picks the jurors from a pool, the Assistant US Attorney in charge of the case does not pick the jurors.
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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