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April 06 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Hey! Have You Heard The One About'... The Rise Of The Comedian As Social Commentator

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Cabale News ServiceApril 06 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Hey! Have You Heard The One About'... The Rise Of The Comedian As Social Commentator

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In The News:
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[After the commentary, a little comedic class analysis, as true now as it was in King Arthur of the Round Table's day. courtesy of Monty Python's Flying Circus.]

» If you want to do wars it's best to buy professionals - The Libyan opposition is complaining that NATO is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to 'protecting' them. Misrata is still under siege. Diplomatic talks between the al-Gadaffi regime and the invaders have pretty much gone nowhere, and the war on Libya continues.

» Expect the price of Cocoa to stabilize soon. French forces invade the Ivory Coast and aerially bomb/assault the presidential palace which has been the location of pitched battles between opposition and government forces over the last few days. Whether the president remains in-country after ignoring election results in which economist Alassane Ouattara was the winner is still to be seen.

From Foreign Policy Magazine Morning Brief:
Representatives of embattled Ivory Coast strong man Laurent Gbagbo are reportedly negotiating the terms of his surrender, as forces loyal to internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara have reportedly entered the gates of his heavily-armed residence.

In talks at the French ambassador's residence in Abidjan, Ouattara's camp is reportedly insisting that Gbagbo, currently hunkered down in the basement of his compound, recognize the result's of last year's election, which Ouattara won with 54 percent of the vote. But in an interview with a French radio station, a man claiming to be Gbagbo said he would never recognize the vote. Another key question is whether Gbagbo will remain in the country, be put on trial, or allowed safe passage to another country.

Gbagbo's forces have attempted to spin the latest developments in the crisis as a foreign invasion, accusing French forces of leading the attack on the presidential residence. French forces in the country say that while they bombarded Gbagbo's armaments on Monday to prevent attacks on civilians, they did not take part in the assault of the residence. [This and More @ Foreign Policy]
» At the Fukushima reactor they have managed to plug the leak in #2 reactor with 'liquid glass' with concrete now being injected but the radiation levels around the facility and nearby are still out of range of most measuring equipment and there has been a 'controlled' release of 11,000 tons of radioactive water from storage tanks into the ocean to allow for the refilling of those tanks, which have been deemed "fragile and subject to failure" by experts.

» It looks more and more as if the US government is going to run out of money at of the end of the week as the meeting between Democratic and Republican representatives at the White House make no headway. The Tea Party 'Conservative' elements of the Republican party in Congress have essentially claimed it's all right with THEM if the government shuts down.

» In Wisconsin, a Supreme court election race between an ostensible supporter of Republican governor Scott Walker and his opponent is in a dead heat, with judicial rulings on workers rights in the state hanging in the balance.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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