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March 25 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Hipp History, Yemen - The Politics Of 'Place' (Where You Live Leads To How You Live)

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 25 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Hipp History Of Yemen - The Politics Of 'Place' (Where You Live Has Much To Do With How You Live)

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In The News:
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[After the commentary ride the Caravan with Loreena McKennitt. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG Radio Freedom California... Earth.]

» Bonus audio today! A real live KPIG DJ (Ralph Anybody with Aileen the Traffic and Weather Queen) gives a traffic incident report and talks to Travus about the local weather... because the local California weather is in the news with power outages, flash floods, and heavy rain in, but not limited to, the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. There is a traffic jam everywhere you go. Take the day off.

» Yemen's president has said he'll step down but wants someone with "clean hands" to replace him. Most likely meaning his top minister who recently joined the protesters or other already sitting officials wouldn't be his choice of successors.

» Operation Odyssey Dawn continues to slog through Libya's airspace. NATO is taking over the the command and control operations and the rebels may have cut off al-Gadaffi's army in the city of Ajdabiya as bombs fall on the presidential compound and military bases around the country. A French air squadron even found ONE (count 'em "ONE") Libyan military jet which was then summarily blown up on the runway.

» There are 'allegedly' U.S. Special Forces on the ground in Libya, which of course the Pentagon is denying, but it's just not that 'alleged' and it's undeniably obvious we're being LIED TO considering Reuters reported early this month before the invasion that the:
United States, Britain and France send hundreds of “defence advisors” to train and support rebels

The United States, Britain and France have sent several hundred “defence advisors” to train and support the anti-Gadhafi forces in oil-rich Eastern Libya where “rebels armed groups” have apparently taken over

According to an exclusive report confirmed by a Libyan diplomat in the region “the three Western states have landed their “special forces troops in Cyrinacia and are now setting up their bases and training centres” to reinforce the rebel forces who are resisting pro-Qaddafi forces... [Reuters sourced from, More]
» Secretary of State Clinton will be in London on Tuesday for a meeting of the "Invade Libya Alliance" group of countries to discuss strategy and tactics. Every one of them is claiming to be hoping they can stand down in a couple of weeks, but they are soooo wrong, if not, again, lying to the press (search yesterday's synopsis with the terms "Doug Feith" for more on that).

» Protests are continuing in Syria with at least 25 people gunned down according to DemocracyNow!, a USAToday summationreports 20 killed. About 20,000 Syrians marched in the city of Daraa on Thursday and a mass protest are due today in the capital Damascus. More. al Jazeera has more still.

» In the region and related to the unfolding Libyan invasion, the Turkish parliament will apparently allow the NATO Libya alliance to use facilities in their country and will probably contribute troops and aircraft to the invasion force.

» Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a budget bill with $11 Billion dollars in cuts and there may still be a special election in June to borrow money perhaps via the state's taxes or other financial maneuver... or else there will be massive teaching staff layoffs as Californians kiss their educational system goodbye, or at least 'bon voyage' as it take a journey to 'third world' status. The rest of the state's facilities (except the police state apparatus) would follow shortly thereafter.

» The Fukushima #3 reactor in Japan has breached it's containment vessel. There is radioactive material entering the Pacific Ocean and fires are still burning at the EX-nuclear power generation plant.

» Who's afraid of nuclear radiation? The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and all of it's support vessels that were stationed near, or berthed at Japanese ports in the region near the reactor site have moved to sea and are going to be hand scrubbed with soap and water. That operation has been going on for three days. The Ronald Reagan is 1,200 feet long and they have to clean every single surface on it including the aircraft and... well...everything.

A reminder of how Technocracy responds to disaster...

...Here's how BP responded to a coffee spill in their boardroom, courtesy of the
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

More on that HERE

In OTHER Current & Upcoming News:

» I didn't write this parody but I wish I had:


Foreign Workers Ask For Cuts In Pay To Serve USA Better

"Low paid workers exalt in happiness as they lower their pay further to help arrogant Americans afford lavish products," a spokesman says.

Meanwhile, THIS IS NOT A PARODY (although a few years ago I would have thought so...):
The AFL-CIO calls for a U.S. Workers General Strike April 4 2011

(You read that right!)

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life... [More at the organizing site] (The link @ the bottom of the page is to the AFL-CIO's "Community Affiliate")
Also let it be noted The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers recently created a union for the unemployed... mimicking the organizing strategy of the I wobble U wobble U.

It's called "UCubed". They're also plugging the general strike on their site.

heh heh heh... sounds like a commieunionconspiracy

» Meanwhile, The Rethuglicans Say 'Starve Them If They Refuse To Be Slaves!':
All around the country, right-wing legislators are asking middle class Americans to pay for budget deficits caused mainly by a recession caused by Wall Street; they are attacking workers’ collective bargaining rights, which has provoked a huge Main Street Movement to fight back.

Now, a group of House Republicans is launching a new stealth attack against union workers. GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Tim Scott (SC), Scott Garrett (NJ), Dan Burton (IN), and Louie Gohmert (TX) have introduced H.R. 1135, which states that it is designed to “provide information on total spending on means-tested welfare programs, to provide additional work requirements, and to provide an overall spending limit on means-tested welfare programs.”

Much of the bill is based upon verifying that those who receive food stamps benefits are meeting the federal requirements for doing so. However, one section buried deep within the bill adds a startling new requirement. The bill, if passed, would actually cut off all food stamp benefits to any family where one adult member is engaging in a strike against an employer... [More @ Alternet]
Maybe it was this little move on the part of US workers which caused that reaction...

A Public Service Message From U.S. Labor Against War:
Democracy Won’t be Delivered by a No-fly Zone

"Within the social justice movements, it is natural for people to want to come to the aid of a beleaguered people seeking to overthrow an oppressive dictatorship. But good impulses alone are not a basis for making sound policy.

The greatest help we can provide to democratic forces around the world is to end the U.S. role as global cop, global bully and arms merchant to every autocrat, despot, tyrant and authoritarian regime that is willing to do our government’s bidding.

The resources our government now squanders playing super-power to the world should be invested in creating jobs, restoring the social safety net, and meeting the myriad needs of people here and around the world." (There's More)
» You KNOW Scoobie Doo would say "Ruh Ro! Rottsa spooks!"
331 US officials may leave Pakistan under secret deal over (Xe operative Raymond) Davis

A total of 331 US officials in Pakistan, most of them suspected of engaging in espionage under diplomatic cover, have been "identified to leave the country" under a secret deal between the two sides for release of American national Raymond Davis, a media report said on Thursday.

Pakistani authorities have agreed not to declare these US officials "persona non grata" if they voluntarily leave the country within a stipulated time, 'The Express Tribune' quoted unnamed sources as saying.

Islamabad was almost ready to summarily expel these persons who have various levels of diplomatic immunity as most of them were issued Pakistani visas without getting prior no-objection certificates in line with standard operating procedures, the daily reported.

Davis, a 36-year-old former Special Forces soldier, was arrested in Lahore in January after he shot and killed two armed men. He was recently pardoned and freed by a court under a "blood money" deal whereby over USD two million were paid to the families of the dead men. [More]
» Last but certainly not least "Southwest Airlines has apologised to a head-scarf-wearing Muslim woman it booted from a flight after a crew member thought the woman said something like "It's a go" into her cell phone before the plane doors closed.
The passenger says she said "I've got to go," because she was hanging up because cell phones aren't allowed during takeoff.

Southwest offered the passenger a flight voucher, but she says she gave it away and won't fly Southwest again.
In OTHER travel news according to the Economist UK, one should NEVER pretend to be an Air Marshal on an airline flight...

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)

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