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February 11 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Ronald Reagan - Not-So-Fond Remembrances... And Some Facts To Replace The Myth

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 11 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Ronald Reagan - Not-So-Fond Remembrances... And Some Facts To Replace The Myth

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In The News:
Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.

BREAKING: The Egyptian people show the world how to get rid of a ruthlessly corrupt regime... Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak has finally resigned.

The synopsis, commentary and analysis I wrote an hour ago, albeit no longer a complete statement of fact, follows...

[After the commentary an audio slice of American history apropos to the situation in Egypt, followed by the Minister of Information, Brother Gil Scott-Heron, with his bio of "Ronald The Ray Gun" and notes on what Reagan WILL be mostly remembered for in any concise history of America... the "B-Movie". Courtesy of the respective artists.]

Eight years of George W. Bush and all Americans could do as he slaughtered hundreds of thousands Iraqis was shake their heads... 18 DAYS of protests in Egypt and...

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people in Cairo's Tahrir Square, and they're still coming en masse as Hosni Mubarak continues to hang on to power after stating yesterday he'd step down then deciding instead to hand power off to his torturer-in-chief now appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman. It is not clear that transfer of power has actually occurred even if it DID matter.

According to al Jazeera the pro-Mubarak thugs so violently prevalent and active last week have vanished into whatever hole they crawled out of and there are demonstrations, unrest and labor strikes throughout the country.

One young man interviewed by al Jazeera quit his (hard to come by) job just to be in the square with the mass of people demanding Mubarak go away.

The crowds have been chanting "The army is OURS! The army is OURS!" even as the army and other military units (naval uniforms noticed) block the crowd from moving on the presidential palace. The state TV broadcast facilities are surrounded by a large crowd shouting "Join Us!" and protesters have been heading to other key government building. The palace grounds are surrounded by barbed wire and military units are protecting the Parliament building from the mob who showed up when the army earlier attempted to squeeze the protesters out of Tahrir Square by tank movement but only succeeded in splintering a large group off the main body of protesters who then headed to the parliament and have been there since.

Some army personnel have been noted handing water and food to the people in the square.

Yesterday, the man chosen by the largest part of the opposition as heir-apparent leader of the Egyptian government, Mohamed El Baradei said "The army will save Egypt." He DID NOT mean that the same way Hosni Mubarak would have... He's undoubtedly implying if the Egyptian army entreated Mr. Mubarak to a quick trip out of the country into exile, no one who would take charge of the government would consider recriminations or retaliation.

The U.S. mainstream media representation of recent events in Egypt from the Washington Post

A Razer-sharp analysis: Hosni Mubarak committed the worst possible strategic and tactical mistake he could have ever made yesterday. Huge numbers of people headed for Tahrir square to celebrate on word he was stepping down, with one of his top army men saying "all protester demands would be met", and then... he didn't.

Yesterday ElBaradei said "...the army would save Egypt." There is no longer any reasonably effective way for the Egyptian military to suppress the millions of people throughout Egypt demanding Mubarak's exit from the seat of power without killing thousands of civilians, tearing Egyptian society and it's army apart. Expect the army to back ElBaradei's play. Soon.

Either that or expect a truly ugly rift in the Egyptian military, with 30 year ruling Mubarak possibly finishing his career hanging upside down from a lamp post along with a number of his henchmen who haven't already fled the country.

Recent reports confirm that Mubarak is in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt, a resort on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, where massive security is in place and he can just step across the border into Jordan (perhaps destabilizing that country by his presence as well)

The rats continue their run down the hawsers... Senator Kyl of Arizona will not run again in 2012 and there are others who have decided that the million dollars plus it costs to campaign for a senatorial seat is just not worth it.

According to a Pakistani court the US diplomat held for shooting two people who were allegedly trying to mug him in the city of Lahore will be held for as long as 14 days while the court decides whether the shooter DOES have diplomatic immunity, and whether the prosecution's charge of murder has merit.

Arizona has filed a counter-suit against the federal government claiming the feds are NOT controlling the the state's border with Mexico, so the state assumes the power, rights and privileges.

A British judge has delayed the extradition/deportation hearing of Wikileak's Julian Assange with Assange claiming he will not be able to get a fair trial in Sweden on what is essentially a rape charge of a demeanor not known to any other nation in the world as 'crime' (knowingly not wearing a condom) because the Swedish prime minister had declared him "the number one public enemy"

The US Postal Service is now distributing a 'forever' stamp depicting Ronald Reagan at his Santa Barbara ranch... A ranch he paid no taxes on for 20 years using dodges available to him via a movie production company.

More about Reagan's legacy, or should I say "career as a front man for easily as many criminals and thugs as hosted by the Nixon administration" in the commentary.

In OTHER News:

A current survey and census shows us that a MASSIVE number of US Veterans are homeless

Also see: Federal Homelessness Program Runs Out Of Money As Need Rises @ Huffington Post for more on how homelessness is impacting another part of American society, the middle-class EX-Homeowner

UPI: Homeless are often veterans

Quantitatively,16% to be somewhat exact...

Survey: 16% of veterans homeless

Then there's the "old-timer" who claims simple modifications to calculations used on previously existing numbers (2010) make 43%, not just a measly 16% or less, and since it's unlikely the situation has improved very much since this post was logged, the number is larger than old timer's previous estimation.

Which leads me to our Link Of The Week:

That's right... "Arm The Homeless".

Not only because of the blog's viciously direct title. I like this blogger's writing style...
As The Dominoes Cascade: First Egypt, Then The World

First I think it is a good idea to put this post into context. As I type this, it is about 2AM Egyptian time as I watch the live feed of Tahrir Square on Al Jeezra. A few hours ago, US supported dictator of Egypt addressed his oppressed nation and stated that despite the hundreds of murdered protesters by police and the hundreds of thousands of people demanding his resignation, Mubarak gave the Egyptian people a big “FUCK YOU” and refused to step down. No, I’m not shitting you. After over two weeks of protests in Cairo and Alexandria, after multiple government vehicles run over innocent, peaceful protesters like worthless animals in the streets, and after US trained, armed, and funded Egyptian police forces murder non-violent demonstrators in broad daylight and in cold blood, this motherfucker has the balls to get on his pathetic state-run, propaganda pushing television station and tell these people that he doesn’t give a fuck about what they say? John Stewart sums it up quite well although this was from a few days ago, but Mubarak still had the same power-hungry and deluded mentality when he spoke today.

Check Out [Arm The Homeless]


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