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February 08 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: From Peoples Park To Tahrir Square Mass Demonstrations And The Empowerment Of Anonymity

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 08 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: From Peoples Park To Tahrir Square Mass Demonstrations And The Empowerment Of Anonymity Changes Lives And Society

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In Egypt, the protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square began to feel a little claustrophobic after Egyptian army tanks attempted to crowd the demonstrators out as a way of telling them there is a standing order to disperse, so a group of them broke away and moved to occupy the area in front of the Egyptian parliament and other government buildings. They are chanting "FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD!". President Hosni Mubarak is nowhere to be seen and the protesters are planning another "Million Man March"... Expect the collapse of the Egyptian government soon if the protests, takeovers, and the lack of basic necessities due to the turmoil, such as food in the stores, continues.

The people living in the Southern part of Sudan have voted in a referendum and obtained a 97% majority on whether to secede from Sudan. Believe it or not, president (wanted for war crimes BTW) Omar al-Bashir said "OK" and promised assistance in the creation of that new country.

President Obama walked across the street to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday to explain to the US business community that they are expected to create jobs in THIS country or else EVERYONE loses. The president plans to use tax law, US Code reform, and regulation to prevent companies like Caterpillar, which last year built 13 plants, from doing what they did... They built 8 of them offshore.

The Pakistani authorities are holding a US diplomat who allegedly shot two muggers. The US want diplomatic immunity honored for the State department officer, meaning his release to the embassy and typically, US justice as practiced on State Department personnel (meaning 'none', perhaps reprimand or dismissal). but the Pakistanis are balking. The US is threatening to scrap or delay talks with the government about our war on Afghanistan which has spilled over into Pakistan and the Tribal Area in recent years.

The House of 'Representatives' is back in session after going on vacation right after going into session (!). The PATRIOT Act renewal vote, with it's unconstitutional impositions on US citizens is coming up within the next 30 days extending the bill until 2013. Democratic hack Nancy Pelosi has suggested that she will sign the bill because her staff will not have enough time and resources to examine it. Why that means she'll vote for this travesty of the American system of government is a mystery, but it IS notable that the rationale is almost exactly the same as the reason the bill passed originally. You'd figure in the intervening years SOMEONE on her staff would have studied the bill and prepared her. Albeit the Patriot Act is NOT technically a law in itself, but consists of changes to hundreds of pre-existing laws and US Codes that pre-existed the act which served to modify them, meaning one has to peruse thousands of individual documents and law to understand it's full effect.


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