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January 19 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Cheap Crap' - It's The Bottom Line For 'The American Lifestyle' And China's Monetary Policy

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Cabale News ServiceJanuary 19 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Cheap Crap' - It's The Bottom Line For 'The American Lifestyle'[tm] And China's Monetary Policy

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In The News:
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Hu is in the house! President Obama has gone full tilt on ceremonial greetings for the President of China and Washington prepares for full talks and discussions with the hot topic being monetary policy. There is an agreement tying the Chinese Yuan to the dollar in international currency markets and the if we stick to the agreement, the Chinese Yuan is undervalued, and if it's value goes up, the US dollar might no longer be the international currency of choice. More from CBSNews.

SOME PEOPLE apparently have a problem with the Shiite dominated government, if it ever actually flies... In Iraq a suicide bomber hits a police recruiting center with a huge crowd of applicants killing 60 and wounding 150.

A bipartisan committee and President Obama have been looking over federal regulatory policy and Obama has requested reviews of many of them for sensibility, obsolescence and other issues. Expect a regulatory 'meat axe' to fall soon, but they won't necessarily get chopped where the Republicans drew their lines in the pork.

The interim government in Tunisia has resigned and "the street" is requesting that ALL SEATS held by dictator Ben Ali's party be expunged of their current occupants. The Swiss government has frozen all of the former Tunisian leader's assets. Ben Ali has been, up till now, a Western ally in Africa... Because he allowed slave labor to manufacture consumer crap for us.

American Health Care is on the stretcher in the House today with a vote to rescind ALL OF ObamaCare's (currently un-funded due to the continuing resolution using last year's budget) provisions. It MAY pass perhaps causing 230 million Americans to lose, or never have, medical insurance. More from the Washington Post

In OTHER News...

It begs the question "Hoo (Will) Do The Voo doo In Haiti?"
Haitian government detains 'Baby Doc' Duvalier for questioning and releases him

"In a daylong drama that frequently bordered on the absurd, Haitian authorities took Duvalier from the luxury hotel outside the capital where he has been staying since his surprise Sunday return from exile, guided him past the swimming pool and tennis courts, and bundled him off to court for questioning. Questioning about exactly what remained unclear.

His entourage said he was not under arrest, and his release later in the day would seem to confirm that. But an investigative magistrate agreed to open a case against the onetime tyrant that would look into allegations that he stole millions of dollars from the hemisphere's poorest nation.

Meanwhile, human rights organizations, and many victims of the Duvalier dynastic rule, are demanding that he be prosecuted for crimes against humanity as justice for thousands of people believed to have been killed or tortured by Baby Doc's forces decades ago. And still, he has a certain following in Haiti..." [Tracy Wilkinson Of The LA Times, On The Scene In Port-au-Prince]

The BEST Republican in the Democratic party, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman will announce plan to retire in 2012 according to his aides. More, In Detail, From CQ Roll Call Morning Briefing (that link is a dynamic page... check the archive if necessary).

Also See: "Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman" at Juan Cole's Informed Comment:
Posted on 01/19/2011 by Juan

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) announced Tuesday that he would not seek reelection in 2012, and progressive Americans breathed a sigh of collective relief.

It is worth reviewing the most horrible things Lieberman has done to us since he has been in office.

10. Undermined Jeffersonian ideals by joining with George W. Bush to throw government money to religious organizations.

9. Revived, with Lynn Cheney, McCarthyite techniques in order to harass and intimidate university professors who dared attempt to explain the historical and political context for the rise of al-Qaeda and its attacks on the United States. He even put out a blacklist of 40 university professors and administrators, including the President of Wesleyan University.

8. In 2004, revived the war-mongering, militarizing, anti-progressive ‘Committee on the Present Danger‘ to fight the anti-war movement and keep the US in Iraq, as well as to promote war on Iran.

7. Deprived Democrats of the votes to pass a single-payer option universal health care law, acting as client of big Medicine instead of looking out for ordinary people. [Read The Other Six...]

The BREAKING STORY in Santa Cruz California today is

"Santa Cruz and Watsonville Compete For In-N-Out Burger"

That's right... In one of the most expensive places to live in the US, with simple one-room apartment rentals in the $1,000 dollar range (Student style @ $650/month for a closet of a room in someone's house with three other people is also a possibility) and also notable nationwide for one of the highest unemployment rates as well, the city is concerned about attracting a fast food restaurant paying minimum wages. That wage will eat up more than half of the closet dweller's income.

Which leads to a feeling NOT LIKE...
The Great Okay-ness
By James Howard Kunstler

January 17, 2011

Days after the Tucson shooting, President Obama rode into town on a gooey gel of good will, but by the time the memorial service - or whatever it was - got underway, the president looked rather ill-at-ease.

His speech was preceded by several others, including, for promotional purposes, the President of the University of Arizona, which hosted the event, a diversity infomercial in the person of a Native American shaman, the pert student government leader, a current and former governor, and the Attorney General of the US. The gooey gel couldn't contain the crowd, which more than a few times broke out in whoops and cheers.

The only kind of ritual that Americans seem to understand these days is an award ceremony, and that's what the Tucson event most resembled: a fete of congratulation and warm therapeutic self-affirmation.

In the aftermath of yet another horrifying milestone event that changes nothing about how we live or what we do, comes the warm soothing anesthetic gel of okay-ness.

I know a lot of people felt uplifted by Mr. Obama's remarks. I give him points for venturing out to that politically toxic city (if that's what the agglomeration of strip malls actually is)... [Continued @ Clusterfuck Nation]


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