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November 22 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: As Time Passes The Powers That Be Will Manipulate Your Memory To Erase Past Events

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceNovember 22 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: SOMETHING Happened Years Ago Today And As Time Passes The Powers That Be Will Manipulate Your Memory To Erase Those Past Events

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In The News:
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From today's commentary... What we've become:
"We are a nation which invades other nations and then resents the idea that the natives shoot back at us."
The Kennedy Assassination is the mind-wipe discussed in today's commentary, but something ELSE has been erased from the American mind, and it happened just a couple of days ago... 41 years ago: The Cleveland Plain Dealer Publishes Photos Of The My Lai Massacre

Now... Today's News:

Ireland's economy (for many years heavily dependent on the computer component and chip manufacturing industry) has gone broke and will accept tens of billions of dollars in cash and credit infusions into it's national bank. That event has also caused the collapse of the government with elections due in January at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the rest of the EU nations 'wait for the other shoe to drop'.

Germany is in the middle of a terror alert due to allegedly reliable reports of two suicide bombers active in Berlin from Pakistan's al Qaeda, if you believe Western intel sources, that makes them 'Osama's boys'.

The North Koreans have invited a nuclear physicist from Stanford to visit their nuclear facilities... and he did. It seems their program is just power related at the moment, then they'll figure out how to make weapons-grade material, and then they'll figure out how to make a bomb, and then they'll figure out how to missile mount it, and of course we worry about it.

Warning - TSA GropePointThe TSA chief has decided he will make no changes on their "full body scan or you get sexually assaulted" policy.

There will be large numbers of protesters this Wednesday 'opting-out' of the 12 second radiation-based scan and intentionally opting into a 15 minute pat-down. Expect holiday rush travel delays if even one percent decide to "opt out".

The NATO conference in Lisbon 'went well' for president Obama with the group approving a move in the Afghanistan withdrawal date from next year to 2014. Now he might be able to pressure the Republicans to work on the New S.T.A.R.T. treaty, but don't count on it.

In case you're wondering why the delay in withdrawing from Afghanistan is so important to our beloved president, even at the expense of the potential for an eventual dissolution-in-disgust of the NATO alliance... the Central Asian Natural Gas pipelines have become more important to the West's energy security than ever, and that's what our strategic objective IS for security in the region... NOT the security of the citizens of Afghanistan.

Caspian Pipeline Map
[Click the map for a definitive writeup on Central Asia @ the OilDrum]
Is coal power headed for a downsizing in US?
"Coal power, with about 340,000 megawatts of generating capacity, today produces about half of US electricity. After expected (ed. Now federally required) emissions upgrades, the coal fleet will continue to have plants, producing about 103,000 megawatts, that are still "lacking any major emission controls," the study says. The oldest, smallest coal plants with few emissions controls make up an "at-risk" (of closure) portion that account for about 20 percent of total US coal-fired generating capacity, or 69,000 megawatts."
Utilities may close up to 1 in 5 coal-fired power plants after tougher EPA air pollution rules go into effect next year, Wall Street investment banker Credit Suisse recently reported. Coal power is losing its price edge to natural gas, too. In Full @ Christian Science Monitor
Also See: Pipelineistan Poker: It All Comes Down To The Top Two Global Players In A Global "Grand Game".

In OTHER News:

Now, a few words from Governor Rick Perry of Texas regading the 'prosperity' he's brought to his state (and a reply from Auntie Imp):
"(Texas Governor Rick) Perry said that it’s important to “devolve power out of Washington, D.C., back to the states,” which he called the “laboratories of innovation.” ... Perry pointed to the fact that Texas created 850,000 jobs during the last decade." [Source, Washington Post]
Auntie's response...
Yeah, if privatized prison jobs and a 'foster care' industry which detains children forcibly, and many times illegally, when snatched from their parents by an archaic court system and then drugs (2/3rds plus) of the state's 'foster care' children using so-called 'medical' personnel, could be considered "Job Creation"
"From 1984-1996 private prisons spread like wildfire across Texas. In 1984 the first private prison opened in Texas, and by 1996 there were 38 private prisons either operating or soon to open in the state."
More, including an interactive map of all private prisons in the state of Texas with info about their operators at Auntie Imperial's News & Blog Review

Finally... and in the spirit of the season... Everyone here at Razed By Wolves and Auntie Imperial's New & Blog Review have made our Xmas Wish Lists and checked them twice... On top of those lists...

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.


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