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Violations Of Spirit & Intent - San Angelo Texas district court judge blocks sect parents from reuniting with kids despite State Supreme Court ruling

They call it 'Texas Child Protective Services'

Also notable... 2 out of 3 foster children in the Texas 'Foster Care' system are being drugged.

NBC News, with a 10 minute report.

If you want the details on the type of incidents
attributable to Texas CPS, more recent abuse incidents, child endangerments, and general mismanagement of a state agency needing to be federally investigated, it's all at "It's Almost Tuesday:
Checking In: Violations in Texas Foster Care

Posted on May 21, 2008 by Forever

Below I have compiled a sample of real violations within the foster care system in Texas. These facilities are in major metropolitan areas (ie Dallas/Ft.Worth, Austin, San Antonio areas) and they are listed here exactly as they are reported here by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

While we talk about foster care abuse that goes on, there is a little bit of a difference between saying the words “child abuse” and actually seeing a description of what real adults are doing (or not doing) to these children…. in the name of ‘protection’… and using tax payers money to-boot.

I plan on doing lists like these every once in a while… keep us checking in on Texas Foster Care facilities… checkin’ in on the children.

Standard Number 749.1521(4)

Standard Description: Medication Storage-Store medication covered by Section II of the Texas Controlled Substances Act under double lock in a separate container

Technical Assistance Given: Yes


Several medications covered by Section II of the Texas Controlled Substances Act were found in a locked box in an unlocked cabinet. The cabinet was in the foster mother’s office, which was also unlocked. These medications, therefore, were not kept under double lock at the time of inspection.

Standard Number: 749.2471(9)(D)

Standard Description:Verification Certificate specifies the ages and gender(s) of children for which the home is verified

Technical Assistance Given: No


The verification certificate at the home did not match the characteristics of the children placed. The certificate indicated the home was verified for children ages 10 to 17 even though a 7-year-old child was placed in the home.

Standard Number: 16102

Standard Description: Children must not be Abused or Neglected

Technical Assistance Given: No


A young foster child was sexually assaulted by an older child in the home. The older child was arrested for sexual assault.

More @ It's Almost Tuesday

Even the DISSENTING judges thought the state's handling of the situation bizzare:
"Justice Harriet O'Neill for the dissenting group. "On this record, however, I agree that there was no evidence of imminent 'danger to the physical health or safety' of boys and pre-pubescent girls to justify their removal from the YFZ Ranch, and to this extent I join the Court’s opinion."
In Full @ ABA Journal

This is 'home sweet home' for the FLDS chidren

...and this is how the 460+ children were FORCIBLY taken from their homes by Texas state authorities

The Third Court of Appeals ruled last week that the agency had overstepped its authority by removing all of the children from the compound. On Thursday, the Texas Supreme Court agreed with that decision and ordered the CPS to return the children to their homes.
SAN ANGELO -- A state district judge who had been ordered by two higher courts to send children from a polygamist sect back home refused Friday to sign an order that would have started the process of reuniting them with their parents."

The judge's unexpected move came after four hours of legal wrangling where it appeared some of the children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) would be going home as early as Monday.

Attorneys left the courtroom scratching their heads over Judge Barbara Walther's abrupt end of the hearing.

The sticking points centered on restrictions Walther added to an order that had been agreed upon among attorneys for Child Protective Services, the parents and the children.

Instead, Walther added additional restrictions...

In Full @ The Star-Telegram (Dead Link, NLA via google search)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your mention of It's Almost Tuesday, we need as many people to take note of what's really going on with our children in State Foster Care, not only in Texas, but all over the United States.

“If you compare the number of deaths of children in our state’s population to the number of deaths in our state’s foster care system, a child is four times more likely to die in our state’s foster care system."

With statistics like that, what is the purpose of a state agency designed to "help children" if that agency places a child in more danger of death? The decision to return children in the FLDS case was a landmark decision which will prove to be a wonderful precedent in future cases, I hope.

For more information on the psychotropic medications and Medicaid Fraud that was uncovered in Texas, please see for all the facts and news updates.

Again, thank you for your support, and I wish you well in all your endeavors.
As an 8 year old foster child once said to me, "If the grownups knew what it was really like in foster care, there wouldn't be any more bad homes."

Its Almost Tuesday