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September 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: RetroWar... We Lose!

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceSeptember 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: RetroWar... We Lose! - Against Some Of The Most Undermanned And Underprivileged Fighters Ever Existing

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In The News:
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A natural gas fireball due to a ruptured transmission pipeline in San Bruno California has killed six people, taken out 50 homes, and damaged at least 150 more. The fire is still burning and reports say the residents of the area had been complaining about the smell of gas for weeks. Allegedly PG&E evaluated the complaint but never said anything to anyone about the results of their investigation.

One of the three Western hiker captured as spies for crossing the border into Iran will be released in honor of the end of the Muslim holy days, Ramadan, and due to health problems on the part of the released.

Update Sept 10 2010, 5:30pm pdt (CNN): "Iran cancels planned release of American hiker"

Infoshop, the Anarchist info-site, on why you should care...
Why You Should Care about the Three Americans Held in Iran

Monday, April 26 2010 @ 11:19 AM UTC
Contributed by: Anonymous

Watching the news in August 2009, you may have heard about three U.S. citizens being detained in Iran. Arrested for allegedly crossing the Iran-Iraq border on July 31, 2009, they remain in detention nine months later in Iran's Evin prison. Dubbed "the hikers" due to the fact that they were on a hiking trip in the Kurdish region of Iraq when they were detained, in their nine months of imprisonment Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal have had only three visits from Swiss consular officials, have been permitted only one brief phone call to their families, and have been denied access to their Iranian lawyer. Their mothers applied for Iranian visas more than four months ago and have received no response. Though Iranian officials occasionally sputter about "espionage," the only charge they face is "illegal border crossing," punishment for which is a fine, not indefinite detention.

All of this is outrageous enough, but the picture is even bleaker. Thursday, April 22, was the most recent visit to the hikers by the Swiss -- the first since October. Sarah -- who is in solitary confinement -- told them she is suffering from depression and a severe gynecological condition. Shane, originally also held in solitary but now sharing a cell with Josh, told them he is enduring a stomach ailment. The three of them are considering beginning a hunger strike, despite their poor health and isolation.

The three have lamentably become political pawns in the U.S.-Iranian staring contest. The fact is, despite the West's belligerence towards Iran, these three individuals demand our support and solidarity. Though they were simply on a hike, they are much more than hikers -- they are individuals dedicated to working for a better, more just, and more sustainable world. They are comrades, fellow travelers, activists, organizers, whatever you may want to call them.

It is pertinent to mention that Sarah and Shane are good friends whom I've known for several years. I first met Sarah in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005 when we organized locally to support immigrant rights and participate in the historic May Day marches of 2006 and sent groups down to the border with Mexico to confront nativist vigilantes like the Minutemen. She and Shane lived in a house in Oakland that served as the base for the Midnight Special Law Collective, which provides legal support and much more to activists around the country. In 2007 and 2008, we all worked with Direct Action to Stop the War to organize a series of civil disobedience and direct action efforts to mark the fifth anniversary of the war on Iraq... [In Full]
A California federal judge rules that the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy vis-a-vis Gay participation violates the 1st and 5th amendment. The ruling is in response to a suit by the Log Cabin Republicans. More

The Qu'ran Burning Crackpot in Gainesville Florida may, or may not burn those books... Stand by for a continuing narcissistic PR event by the apparent idiotlogical(sic) challengers to the Westboro 'Baptist Church' who are now claiming they will have a 'burn day', even if the 'Reverend' Terry Jones at "Dove World Outreach Center" calls off his plans.

An interesting sidebar... The Christian Science Monitor asks "What If...?": "What if the media ignored Koran-burning plan?", and proceeds to claim it couldn't because the "Web has changed the media landscape. Ignoring the event wasn't an option,"

The Venezuelan police have arrested a power company employee for twittering a plan to assassinate the country's president.

One... More... Thing:

The border WAS safe (according to a poll of border town residents)

From Congressional Quarterly:
"The Border Patrol is grappling with a spate of misconduct cases in its ranks, which have mushroomed from 4,000 agents in the early 1990s to 21,000 today, including five sex crimes in just the past 18 months,"
No direct link (newsletter), so Google Search it.

[After the commentary, as a separate track... "Vietnamistan" by the Alabama 3, remixed by Skidmark Bob @ PoP dEFECT RADIO to better represent the situation America has found itself in, Afghanistan style. Courtesy of the respective artists and PoP dEFECT RADIO.]


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