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July 28 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Not Like It's YOUR Life Or YOUR Death But It's Time The Forces Of Peace Got Off Their Ass

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 28 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Not Like It's YOUR Life Or YOUR Death But It's Time The 'Forces Of Peace' Got Off Their Asses

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In The News:
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NOTE: Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Travus' commentary is truncated.

Yours truly will venture a summation...
"...and when they go back to Washington that maybe... Just MAYBE..." ...the citizens of their districts... the people who elect them, signifying they are ENTIRELY FED UP with these worthless wars, will have convinced them if they don't do something to bring peace, and BRING IT QUICKLY, we WILL drive the warmongers and the legislators sucking on their teat back into whatever hole they crawled out of, and from of the governance of American affairs, domestic or foreign."

The "Tornado Of Opinions" regarding the WikiLeaks Pentagon documents intensifies, and it's so intense the load crashed Wikileaks server but one thing IS certain, EVERYONE is reading those documents now, including the Talib, bringing one worthless war's misdeeds into the glaring daylight, where it will not survive.

Another thing that shows... Arrogance on the part of the warmongers... SOME PEOPLE are of the opinion that the Wikileaks documents will be too confusing for the 'little people':
It’s fascinating to watch the so-called “progressive” COIN fans circle the wagons over the Wikileaks release of over 90,000 files from Afghanistan. Everywhere you look – from Joshua Foust to our very own Attackerman’s selection of Adam Weinstein’s post in Mother Jones as the “winner” of “the WikiLeaks commentary contest” – you’ll find concerned military journos assuring us that there’s really nothing there, no need to bother our pretty little heads trying to read or understand these files. As Weinstein writes: “But in truth, there’s not much there. I know, because I’ve seen many of these reports before—at least, thousands of similar ones from Iraq, when I was a contractor there last year.”

Repeating the White House and Pentagon talking points that “ there were few, if any, revelations in the documents” many followed the lead of Andrew Exum who, after assuring us that he has “spent the past two days” looking at the 92,000 files (even though his piece was published considerably less than 48 hours after the release) and “seen nothing in the documents that has either surprised me or told me anything of significance,” goes on to express his concern for us poor befuddled readers:
The publication of these documents, by contrast, dumps 92,000 new primary source documents into the laps of the world’s public with no context, no explanation as to why some accounts may contradict others, no sense of what is important or unusual as opposed to the normal march of war.

Many experts on the war, both in the military and the press, have long been struggling to come to grips with the conflict’s complexity and nuances. What is the public going to make of this haphazard cache of documents, many written during combat by officers with little sense of how their observations fit into the fuller scope of the war?
What these fellows miss is that the documents are important for us to read precisely because they are raw original source materials “written during combat by officers.” After years of watching the ISAF press office attempt to coverup mass civilian casualty events until some reporter or local doctor provides a cell phone video, after years of rhetoric from Bush and now Obama claiming progress in this disaster than spirals further into chaos, after all those McChrystal claims of caution and concern for the people of Afghanistan, we can now read the actual reports ourselves, with no PR officer to hide the facts. (cont’d.) [In Full @ Firedoglake]
WikiLeaks also claims there appears to be evidence of War Crimes and more... So pay no attention to those men behind the curtain little people.

Why don't they just call it: "A bookkeeping error" like they did when a Russian mobster employed by the Pentagon lost 1/4 million AK-47s? $8.1 BILLION dollars... (correction: $8.7 BILLION... 96% of the funds allocated) That's the amount of money unaccounted for in our Iraq 'reconstruction' adventure according to audits.

Several Republican congesscritters are also having problems accounting for their money.

The Democrats attempted to put a new rule into effect yesterday forcing corporations and other 'entities' to identify their campaign contributions, but it did not make it past a Republican filibuster.

143 Democrats voted against the funding for the Afghanistan war yesterday, but the supplemental funding bill DID pass. What to do now? Listen to the commentary.

What might happen if California DOES legalize Marijuana in the next state election? Oakland's city council votes to OK Pot production operations... You know... Grow Rooms.

One More Thing:

In light of recent comparisons between the Toronto G20 'troubles' and the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention... The 'WikiLeakage' of 92,000+ Pentagon documents detailing our nasty war on the people of Afghanistan and Daniel Ellsberg's leakage of the "Pentagon Papers". Some historical background, for those who were too young, or just a gleam in their parent's eyes: 1968: It Was A Long, Hot, Interesting Year (Six part documentary video)

[After the commentary, Quicksilver Messenger Service passes the word around courtesy of KPIG radio, followed by a little piece of hell called "Vietnamistan", courtesy of the Alabama 3 and Skidmark Bob at Freak Radio Santa Cruz... Pirate Radio for the Monterey Bay California Earth.]


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