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July 06 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: In Re Charlies Girl Leslie Van Houten - The Question Is 'What IS The Purpose Of Imprisonment?'

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 06 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: In Re 'Charlie's Girl' Leslie Van Houten - The REAL Question Is 'What IS The Purpose Of Imprisonment?'

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In The News:
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Tar balls are beginning to wash up on Galveston and other Texas beaches, but that's not really news on the PetroIndustry bought-and-sold coast of Texas. However it IS notable that...
As the oil floats to the top, BP begins to go under
BP eyes stake sale as spill cost tops $3 billion

(Reuters) - Shareholders in British oil company BP balked at reports it would seek urgent investment from a wealthy Middle East or Asian country as clean-up costs for its U.S. oil spill topped $3 billion.

Over the weekend, while U.S. Independence Day holiday makers shunned Gulf of Mexico beaches tarred by the leaking well, media reports said BP was looking for a strategic investor among the sovereign wealth funds of the Middle East and Asia.

An investor would help ward off a takeover and raise funds for the liabilities racking up behind the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the reports said.

BP shares rose 2.4 percent in London to 329.65 pence at 5:48 a.m. ET after the reports, but some shareholders balked at the idea of a strategic investor. [In Full]

The Queen of England is in New York city today for the first time in 53 years and she probably wishes she wasn't - It's 100 degrees there, and up down the rest of the East Coast as she takes the 9/11 tour and gives a speech, dedicates a memorial to British citizens killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Vice President Biden and FAMILY have 'visited' Baghdad's "Green Zone" and there were FIVE mortar attacks while he and his family were there. He's in Baghdad to pressure their second-gen 'purple thumb' government to actually develop a working coalition and as a morale booster for US troops who will soon be shuttled off for R&R, then back to Afghanistan.

Speaking of Afghanistan... Some 'luminaries' of the right wing of our one party state, Senators Graham, Lieberman, and McCain are in Afghanistan touring the 'hot spots'. We've been making war on the country for a decade now because the Taliban, formerly our allies, COULD NOT bring Osama bin-Laden in like Americans visualize a Wild West sheriff might. Intelligence estimates say there are less than 100 Al Qaeda in the country (with almost all intel pointing to the Pakistani tribal areas, NOT Afghanistan as 'host' to Osama) as we approach the 130,000 troops-in-country mark.

There are more than a 1/2 million Californians who will be losing their Unemployment Benefits by the end of this month, and that's just one state.

Meanwhile, in Santa Cruz California, a protest about the socio-economic conditions created, SOME say intentionally by the city, leading to large numbers of homeless residents is in progress:
SANTA CRUZ -- A handful of homeless men and homeless rights advocates gathered in front of the Santa Cruz County courthouse Monday night, spreading out blankets and unfurling their sleeping bags in a willful violation of a city ordinance that prohibits camping within city limits.

Leigh, who declined to provide his last name, was preparing to sleep out on the courthouse steps for the second night. He said he has lived in Santa Cruz for 35 years and has been "houseless" for the last four or five years.

"I understand at some legal level why the ban was implemented," he said. "I also understand that it was implemented due to the city's intentional oversight in the creation of housing and jobs for people that actually live here. They're in violation of the state charter that requires them to build housing for people that actually work here, or at least plan for it."

He called the ban a "draconian(sic) measure" aimed at making it "harder for people that they do displace to stay here" and then criminalizing the resulting behavior. [In Full]
In short... Cities in California are required by state law to plan housing for people who actually live and work within their boundaries. Since the 1989 earthquake and concurrent redevelopment of large areas of the city, Santa Cruz has categorically failed to fulfill that requirement leaving large numbers of the city's residents homeless, THEN they criminalized the behavior of the victims of their policies.

Leslie Van Houten, one of "Charlie's Girls" incarcerated for the last 40 years because she helped brutally kill pregnant starlet Sharon Tate and others as 'ordered' by a charismatic racist speedfreak pimp named Charles Manson, will most likely have her parole denied again today. Given her age, it may be the last denial.


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