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June 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Old Enough To Understand What You're Doing? You're Probably Fed Up With It - Larry King Retires

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Cabale News ServiceJune 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: If You're Old Enough To Understand What You're Doing You're Probably Fed Up With It - Larry King Retires

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In The News:
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The oil still flows and the PR still fouls the beaches (To wit, the WSJ reports:"BP Sends Fake Journalist to Cover the Gulf Spill"). Skimming boats are being pulled out of the water due to swells from Hurricane Alex which is not destined to directly affect that area of the Gulf. Oyster and Shrimp harvest restrictions have been removed, but even if you WOULD eat them, most of the fishing industry people are working on the cleanup and aren't harvesting.

Mississippi is beginning to see the effects of the spill as well:
Mississippi Blues: NASA Pic Shows BP Oil Surrounding Mississippi’s Barrier Islands
By: Elliott

Tuesday June 29, 2010

In spite of (Governor) Haley Barbour’s initial happy talk (Oil? What Oil? Press Should Stop Scaring Tourists), BP Oil finally and inevitably hits the Mississippi coastline. Now he’s crying for help:

At a news conference on Monday, Mr. Barbour said "the plan we agreed to with the unified command and BP wasn’t being given the resources to be totally effective. There continues to be more oil in the (Mississippi) Sound than we have the capacity to deal with, unless we get lucky."
This is a hard picture to look at, makes my heart weep.

As of June 27, 2010, the entire gulf-facing beachfront of several barrier islands in eastern Mississippi (offshore of Pascagoula) had received a designation of at least “lightly oiled” by the interagency Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team that is responding to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. A few small stretches of Petit Bois Island had been labeled heavily or moderately oiled.

This high-resolution image shows Petit Bois Island (top right) and the eastern end of Horn Island (top left) on June 26. In general, oil-covered waters are silvery and cleaner waters are blue-gray. This pattern is especially consistent farther from the islands. The intensely bright patches of water directly offshore of the barrier islands, however, may be from a combination of factors, including sediment and organic material, coastal currents and surf, and oil. [Source]
The Senate Armed Services committee confirmed General Petraeus as the new commander of US operations in Afghanistan even as there's gerrymandering to allow General McChrystal to retire with an early 4 star rank pension.

So long and thanks for letting us bring "American Democracy" to YOUR country - The Iraq interim al-Malki government is meeting with the Allawi-led opposition in a last gasp attempt to create a coalition as militias begin taking control of their neighborhoods.

More proof that suburbs are the epitome of sociologically f*cked up places to live - The Russian spies who may have been your suburban neighbors... They had been under FBI observation since 2001. Supposedly the Russians were so fed up with this operation THEY blew the whistle.

Elena Kagan's nomination hearings continue as the House of Representatives votes down the unemployment benefit extension again as 1.7 MILLION Americans are scheduled to lose their benefits tomorrow.

A further note on nominee Kagan and our war on anyone we're in fear of: "Kagan and (senator) Graham Agree: War on Terror Will Never End, Habeas Rights Can Be Abridged"

Too long in the (TV) wasteland - Pundit Larry King will retire from CNN next fall. More in the commentary.

In LOCAL News:

The Grand Jury does it's job despite an attempt by the local police department to tamper with their results Ex Post Facto:
(Santa Cruz) Grand Jury says government could benefit from legal pot

County could see $7.5 million gain from new taxes and decreased costs

(However) Santa Cruz Police spokesman Zach Friend questioned one piece of data.

He said department figures from 2008 show 315 adult arrests/citations, while the Grand Jury report says there were 724. Friend said adults are the "overwhelming" majority when it comes to arrests and citations for marijuana.

(Juror) Henderson said all the numbers came from the agencies themselves.

"If the data's wrong, it's because they gave us the wrong data," he said. [In Full]
Yours truly commented thusly:
"If the data's wrong, it's because they gave us the wrong data,"
Don't feel alone... That the way the SCPD and the city do business.

It's called CORRUPT. They gerrymander their statistics on almost anything that would be considered downtown related, and apparently, can't even keep track of their lies anymore.

NOW, when will a state grand jury investigate the city of Santa Cruz' corporatist (cf. Fascist) relationship with the DTA and the Re-development agency?

They've been destroying the existing community for the benefit of a few merchants and property owners for FAR too long. [In Full]

Finally, from Ed Frey, Santa Cruz lawyer, running for congress as an independent with an event for Santa Cruz' diplaced-and-homeless-by-corrupt-policies workers and poor... and anyone who is yearning for social justice:

Starting July 4th, 8pm to 8am -- NIGHT-TIME ONLY COMMUNITY PEACE CAMP -- Santa Cruz County Courthouse Grounds -- Early evening music and joyful witness then ... Peaceful Sleep.

Come join in some or all of the activities. We will help convince local and national governments to stop breaching the peace (especially that of peaceful sleepers) and instead use resources to discourage violence and warfare in all it's forms.

For More Info, contact us at

[After the commentary, Feeling "Old And In The Way" Larry? Garcia, Grisman, et al join the lament. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]


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