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May 05 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Times Square Bomber - It's Not A Perfect Example Of Things Going Right For The FBI

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Cabale News ServiceMay 05 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Times Square Bomber - It's Not A Perfect Example Of Things Going Right For The FBI

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In The News:
Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the commentary audio file.

The Times Square Car Bomber is a Pakistani/American 'child of privilege who's "American World" crashed around him during the financial collapse and a Pakistani Taliban spokesman says they have nothing to do with him.

The Gulf of Mexico oil slick is holding offshore at the moment as dikes are built and Cofferdams are being prepared to control and contain the spill. One of the smaller leaks has been stopped. Details

Various polls have convinced congress that the American people think they aren't doing their job so, for the first time, they actually voted to REALLY deny themselves a pay raise. More

Even when they work they don't cure anything - Johnson & Johnson cold 'remedies' for children have been recalled due to non-existent quality control and contamination. If you have any child-related product from this company, just throw them away.

This is what the Tennessee Valley Authority was created to prevent - There are at least 29 dead so far due to flooding in the Tennessee Valley. It has swamped the Grand Old Opry all the way to the stage and Memphis is also experiencing some serious damage.

In response to the collapse of the Greek currency a general strike has drawn 100,000 people on a march to parliament. A bank was burned and three are confirmed dead.

Finally, in local Santa Cruz News...

April 29 2010

Due to the expansion of the Wednesday Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market, the traditional drum circle has been forced to moved away from it's spot to avoid immediate confrontation with the police and market. The location picked is a parking lot across the street from Jacks Burgers, the location is nearer the street, easily visible to the police who often complained about drinking and drugs in the more recessed site originally used, it is also away from the market.

This, I believe is a positive response to various complaints by the other interested parties, police, city, and businesses.

Last Wednesday a police supervisor stopped by to discuss noise complaints numbering 12 (but perhaps 12 calls by one or two businesses).

The compromise offered by the city and police... Simply "...Away from here" (If this sounds familiar, it's the same rejoinder used by the White settlers in discussion with the Native Americans. Paraphrased by a native as "We move and we move, but you (the settlers) continue to say "You are too close, move farther away", and in the early 1900s as "You make us move so often why don't you just put wheels on us and wheel us about?"

The police supervisor suggested "The Beach", cold, and remote, or a local park (San Lorenzo) that has historically been a source of noise complaints even when children play due to senior citizen housing across the street.

The other location... Santa Cruz town clock... In the middle of the heaviest vehicular traffic part of Santa Cruz, to be drowned in smog and traffic noise.

None of these sites are acceptable. An un-official counter-offer was made offering time constraints just to see if the city and police WERE willing to compromise... I received no response and a blank stare from the police supervisor, officer Harms, who was undoubtedly delivering an ultimatum disguised as a 'compromise'.

The Drummers will be at the same site tomorrow... despite the possibility of police action.

This is a shout out to ALL Santa Cruz locals, including Santa Cruz Veterans recently displaced from their county usurped and operated meeting hall under spurious and suspicious circumstances. Y' all come on down to the Farmers Market today, Wednesday for donuts and coffee, music and merriment. Bring a drum, a guitar, a flute, any musical instrument...

Bang a gong. Let's get it on!

If we put our hearts together
And overcome our hesitation
Maybe we could join our love as one
And storm the gates of heaven...

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