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April 28 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taxing The Hell Out Of It - On Rewards, Punishment, And Consumer Society

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Cabale News ServiceApril 28 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taxing The Hell Out Of It - On Rewards, Punishment, And Consumer Society

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In The News:
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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the explosion, fire, and sinking of a leased oil drilling platform is threatening the marine environment, wetlands, and oyster beds of the Southern US with a slick larger than Rhode Island. A slow disaster that will destroy another huge part of America's already vanishing fisheries.

The Taliban in Afghanistan have killed a cooperating tribal leader, leading one to believe the upcoming Kandahar invasion experience is not going to be very smooth, or 'pretty'. 85% of Kandahar residents polled recently said 'The Taliban are our brothers'. More from Juan Cole @ Informed Comment

In Iraq... Remember Iraq?
As of Tuesday, April 27, 2010, at least 4393 members of the US military had died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003 (Source, Washington Post)

The Republicans stick together for a second vote, to block debate and discussion of the Finance Reform Bill even as Goldman Sachs execs say they have "No Regrets" for Deals That Accelerated Crisis"

The city of San Francisco is considering canceling all contracts with companies in Arizona because o the recently passed state law allowing the authorities to 'inspect' anyone with Brown skin, and Mexico has issued a foreign travel advisory warning to it's citizens.... More.

But it's a bigger problem than just Arizona. See Stan Goff's piece below.

Here's something EVERY American citizen can do... Boycott MLB Spring Training in Arizona.

This is a Facebook group, but even if you don't 'do' FB, there are other ways to make your voice heard:
This group is designed to put pressure on Major League Baseball to weigh in on Arizona's new Immigration law. Please email Cactus League President Robert Brinton at to tell him that you won't be attending or watching any spring training games that are held in Arizona.

The Arizona immigration law is an insult to the hispanic players of Major League Baseball.

The assassin of Malcolm X, who has spent 44 years in prison (see below...) since the act at the age of 15, has been released.
Since March 1992, Hagan was on a work release program where he only served two days a week in the Lincoln Correctional Facility ironically located near 110th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard. He currently has six children two are grown and the other four ages 21, 17, 14, and 10.

Zead Ramadan, the board chairmen of the ballroom where Malcolm X was slain, commented to CNN. "I personally find it strange that for a couple decades any person convicted in the assassination of such an iconic figure would be allowed such leniency.” The other two convicted participants in the assassination always proclaimed their innocence and were released during the 1980s. [MORE]

His Name Is MickeyDSanta Clara County California (San Jose) is a national news focus because it's considering controlling (It is done..) children's desire for unhealthy dietary options' by OUTLAWING THE LITTLE TOYS the greasemongers like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys... Jack In The Box (which at one time was owned by Ralston Purina, the 'Dog Chow' folks) use to market their 'stuff that looks like food'.

Speaking of children's health... physical and mental.. "We Are Not Your Soldiers" tipped Auntie Imp to this:
$1.3 million: Amount the Army spent to sponsor the hit Xbox game Halo 3.

At a launch event at a New Hampshire gaming store, an Air Force recruiter explained, "Our target market is identical to that of video game stores..." More

Stan Goff, Feral Scholar has an update on...
Arizona and other security state stuff
28th April 2010, 08:16 am by Stan

At Facebook, there is a grand panic going on over teaparty people. They are seen as the embodiment of black-shirted reaction in the United States. And at some point, they certainly could be; but for right now they are are an expression of the frothing impotence of white nationalists in the face of their country under the political headship of a “Negro.” They are quite frightened of black people, and genuinely believe that black people as a whole in the United States are a threat to their well-being and security. They’ve always been there, as a fraction of the American middleclass and also fractions of the wage-working class. A recent article made note of their demographic, which is — contrary to the “bubba” image that some would project onto them — salaried middle-class, white, male, and suburban.

In reply to this being posted at FB, I did my ritual invocation of gender as in many ways definitive of this movement… which it is. Defined by gender. And a movement. The reason there is hope in this is that the majority of salaried middle-class, white, male suburbanites (SMCWMS) are not sympathetic to the teaparty movement. Yet. My point on gender and masculinities is that we can look at the SMCWMS’s that do embrace this species of reaction, and at those SMCWMS’s that do not embrace this species of reaction, and compare their notions about male-identity and about how power is negotiated between men and women in the same household. I suspect you’d find dramatic and clear cut differences. Among members of the same class!

But I digress. The reason I get aggravated by the teaparty panic among all these lefty-ish folks who’d like to embrace a politics of resistance (if only someone could show them how… if only someone knew how), is that the same people are giving the actually seated, actually legally powerful federal government of the Obama administration… a pass.

But the framework for increasing the power of the security state, built by every president that is seated as they seek and incrementally find avenues for strengthening the power of the executive branch. Bush accelerated this process after 9-11, but Obama has rubber-stamped every one of those measures, and continued to expand executive power.

That’s the danger right in front of us, not the teabaggers.

The kind of shit that happened in Arizona, where a bunch of SMCWMS snowbirds — who share a teabag metnality — have tilted the whole state’s political apparatus into a kind of anachronistic nut-zone, is not indicative of the whole country; nor is it the most immediate threat in terms of a more repressive society. The seated government, however, commands armed forces, intelligence agencies, police, courts, prisons, an inconceivable budget, and the ability to print money..." [MORE]

One more thing... Incoming, from Outernational...

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