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April 15 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Week Dedicated To 'Weed' - Since It's 'Tax Day' Lets Tak About Taxes And Marijuana

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Cabale News ServiceApril 15 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Week Dedicated To 'Weed' - Since It's 'Tax Day' Lets Tak About Taxes And Marijuana

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In The News:
It's tax day and you have approximately 16 hours left before you become a "Violator". There are protests planned around the nation today... hundreds of them. Does anyone really care?

Auntie Imp at Razed By Wolves' companion blog "Auntie Imperial's News & Blog Review" has recently posted a couple of things germane to the subject of Tax Revolt, Tea Bag 'Parties'... Blah...Blah... "Listen Teabagger!" (Title loosely adapted from Wilhelm Reich's anti-Fascist pamphlet Listen, Little Man!) and "Three Tax Time Tips For "Tea Baggers". Enjoy.

They should take this as a clue an get ALL the way out - The US is pulling out of the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan after massive military infrastructure development and 42 troop deaths. The irritation by our presence overwhelmed any 'good' that might have been done.

President Obama will visit the Kennedy Space Center today to talk with the people he's about to fire due to the Bush administration's change of focus to robotic space exploration. The people who manned the moon missions are planing a protest... a reiteration, "Does anyone really care?"

It's Bike To School Day in San Francisco... The city will receive 1/2 million federal dollars for holding the event.

The Senate is supposed to vote on an unemployment extension today... If the Republicans don't obstruct it.


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