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April 01 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Their Ignorance Shows - Talking Heads On The 'News' And The EX-Taxpayers Underground

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceApril 01 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Their Ignorance Shows - Talking Heads On The 'News' And The EX-Taxpayers Underground

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In The News:
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Due to technical difficulties there will be no news segment this morning...

However, there are some items worth noting:

Pressing issues we pay our legislators to think about...
NEW YORK (AP) -- Saying low-slung pants give their wearers a bad image, a state lawmaker is making the point with some images of his own.

Brooklyn residents awoke Thursday to the sight of two "Stop the Sag" billboards - and more were on the way, organizers said. The signs show two men in jeans low enough to display their underwear. The billboards were bankrolled by state Sen. Eric Adams, who also made an online video to send his message: "You can raise your level of respect if you raise your pants." [In Full]
Apr 1, 9:43 AM EDT

April Fools': Google renames itself 'Topeka'
Google calls itself 'Topeka' for day

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- For at least one day, Topeka is one of the most popular Web sites in the world.

It's all part of an April Fools' Day prank by Google, which for one day has changed its name to "Topeka."

The Internet search engine says it's new name is a response to Topeka's decision to change its name to "Google, Kan." for the month of March. Topeka jokingly changed its name as part of a campaign to convince Google to choose the Kansas capital as a test site for a much faster experimental fiber-optic network.

In an online blog posted Thursday at, Google jokingly implies that the name change is permanent, and offers tips on how to "topeka" someone during a search. [Source]

As businesses go under en masse in California... They say "screw you" to the property owners.

(Let it be noted that yours truly, Razer, recoils at the thought of abusing living creatures, but DOES suggest taking a well-wrapped fish from the local market to your banking institution and ensconcing it in a Safe Deposit box...)

Dateline Scotts Valley California...
SCOTTS VALLEY -- Maintenance workers cleaning a shuttered pet store Wednesday discovered dead fish and pet rodents in a trash bin and abandoned live sea creatures in dirty tanks, prompting an investigation by county Animal Services officers.

The fish, snails, crabs and rodents were left behind when Round Up Pet Supply closed its doors in February, according to property manager Matthew Turner. His family, the Ows, owns the King's Village Shopping Center on Mount Hermon Road, where the pet store had been for about two decades.In Full

...and, UN-April Fools Day... there is a notable quote, actually, it's an Ultimatum, from CrimethInc, the EX-Workers Collective

Unless you grant our demands, from the close of the millennium at midnight, New Year’s Eve, onwards,

- happiness, self-esteem, and mental clarity will be held hostage from the populace by a ruthless elite of advertising executives and other psychologists, utilizing a constant barrage of propaganda upon all five senses to maintain their power [Figure A]

-corporations will steal the most precious hours from the lives of millions of human beings, converting them into useless trinkets, pollution, tedium, and work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome [Figure B

-those trapped within the frontiers of this ever-expanding hell will take their apathy and anger out on themselves and each other with firearms, addictive drugs, and abusive relationships [Figure C]

-governments will lay claim to what lives remain, to destroy in more efficient ways [Figure D]

-and all those who contest this will be mocked, starved, beaten, jailed. . . branded terrorists by the real terrorists [Figure E]

These travesties will continue without mercy or quarter until all our demands are met. This is not negotiable. These are no idle threats. Hell, all these things are happening right now, and have been for decades. We have demands, which we make upon every man, woman, girl, and boy..." ...The Demands Are...


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