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March 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Fixing The 'Essential (economic) Imbalance' By Simply 'Buying Local'

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Fixing The 'Essential (economic) Imbalance' From Street To Senate From Watercress To Windmills By Simply 'Buying Local'

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In The News:

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There WILL be an unemployment benefits extension - Republican Senator Jim Bunning of a Kentucky, a state with a 10%+ unemployment rate and losing ground as Toyota begins it's planned facilities shutdown FINALLY broke his filibuster of a bill that not only contained the unemployment benefits extension for states, which millions of out-of-work Americans are depending on, but it also affected federal flood insurance programs, highway project funding where workers would lose jobs and more. Bunning's Republican buddies prevailed on him to call it off.

His Kentucky Republican colleague Mitch McConnell however has refused to give his opinion on Bunning's actions, and the Democratic contender for his seat, state Attorney General Jack Conway is using Bunnings actions as campaign fodder going after both Bunning AND McConnell

A sample of the mayhem this rube whose claim to fame is that he 'pitched for the Detroit Tigers' almost caused:

Congress restores transportation funding; two King Co. projects won't be delayed - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Virginia Transportation Projects Get Their Reprieve

National Flood Insurance Program extended
Business Insurance - Mark A. Hofmann
Jim Bunning, R-Ky., objected to the package's $10 billion price. The delay meant that the NFIP expired on Sunday. Sen. Bunning, however, ended his hold on ...

SBA loan breaks temporarily back in place
South Florida Business Journal
Jim Bunning, R-Ky., blocked the bill in the Senate before finally relenting. The legislation provides the SBA with $60 million to restore the 90 percent ...

Congressman Charles Rangel, chair of the House Ways & Means committee, is taking a temporary leave of absence as the House Ethics committee decides what to do with him about his Caribbean junkets paid for by lobbyists, his Dominican Republic property with US taxes in arrears, and other issues which... when he took office 40 years ago, would have been perfectly acceptable.

President Obama goes live on TeeVee today to explain further compromises he's made to an already useless Health Reform bill. But you didn't REALLY expect inexpensive or free health care for all Americans under the current form of government did you?

Gay Marriage, a reality - The US Supreme Court denies an emergency writ to block Washington DC's gay marriage law. That means Gays can register for the one week waiting period (marriage... It IS like buying a weapon) to get married. The refusal may have other, farther reaching effects as well because Washington, D.C. is like a municipality, but it's legal jurisdiction is for the most part federal. IOW, the USSC refused a FEDERAL writ blocking gay marriage and would be loath to revisit that refusal over municipal laws.

Meanwhile, DC's catholic archdiocese throws a tantrum, and in revenge (a good 'christian' trait[snigger]) the church will no longer let employees of its Catholic Charities add spousal benefits to their health care coverage and actually defends that move... If you call this a 'defense': "The Catholic Church teaches to pay a just wage. The compensation package you use to pay that just wage isn't defined by the church," ... "Employers have the right to frame compensation packages. . . ."

OH MY GOD THAT MADE THE EARTH MOVE! The 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile shifted the Earth's axis by about 3 inches due to 'temporary mass redistribution' and that made an earth year 1.26 microseconds (0.00126) shorter. More from National Geographic.

Speaking of Earth moving and all that...

Senior NATO official Michael Rühle explains how to build a nuclear bomb.

From Spiegel:
The Bomb for Beginners - A DIY Guide to Going Nuclear

Building a nuclear weapon has never been easier. NATO's Michael Rühle provides step-by-step instructions for going nuclear, from discretely collecting material to minimizing the fallout when caught. These simple steps have worked for the likes of Israel, Pakistan or North Korea, and your country could be next.

Tired of being bossed around? Want your neighbors to treat you with more respect? Want to play in the majors? If so, you have to have your own nukes. [In Full]


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