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February 23 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: You Can Sit In A Mud Hut Watching SAT-TV But What If You Don't Want The TV?

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 23 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: You Can Sit In A Mud Hut Watching SAT-TV But What If You Don't Want The TV? On The Social Homogenization Of Global Culture

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In The News:
GOOD morning! Dick Cheney is in the hospital with chest pains. Perhaps his umpteenth heart attack. It may be time to replace his fully artificial heart (?).

What America needs... A parliamentary Democracy - There will be elections in Holland on June 9th, to replace the collapsed coalition government. It collapsed because the ruling party had made a deal to not extend the stay of Dutch troops in Afghanistan and then reneged on it causing one of the parties to immediately withdraw itself, collapsing the government.

Meanwhile, those Dutch troops, who WERE in a relatively quiet area, Uruzgan, might find themselves un-loved, and under fire, after a NATO Hellfire strike kills three vanloads of civilians
Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s government has condemned a NATO air strike on a convoy on Sunday that killed twenty-seven civilians, including four women and a child. NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal went on Afghan television to apologize for the attack. [In Full]
Let it be noted there is NO REFERENCE to this incident in the mainstream US media (AFP and AOL only, and AFP is French)... Just boilerplate reports on how careful the invading troops are to avoid civilian casualties... Apparently the US media has fallen in line with the Pentagon... A SURE SIGN of desperation, and defeat.

The Australian government seems panicked about the incident: "ADF not responsible for fatal air strike" assuring it's citizens that NONE OF THEIR PERSONNEL was involved (whether they are lying or not is unknown), although the blurb under the picture on their site indicates they were nearby... because they 'assisted' in the aftermath of the attack. Historical note on from whence the panic may derive... During Vietnam, the Australian longshoremen went on strike and refused to load the ships bound for Vietnam, forcing the Australian government to pull out of that war. The US West Coast longshoremen were not so successful.

This brings the civilian death toll in and around Helmand recently to approximately 50... and that's with NATO forces (in Helmand that's mostly US and UK troops) allegedly being careful.
Lara M. Dadkhah, an intelligence analyst, in a New York Times op-ed says troops under heavy attack in Marjah have had to wait for an hour or more for air support so that insurgents were properly identified. “We didn’t come to Marjah to destroy it, or to hurt civilians,”
According to THIS analyst (Me) that could be interpreted as meaning they need the civilians alive to lend 'legitimacy' to their urban assault on a dis-armed civilian population, and OF COURSE they want the city's infrastructure intact.

There Has Been An American Milestone In Afghanistan...

The US death toll reaches 1,000

(Reuters reporting www.icasualties.org)

The US Senate votes to close debate on the "Job Bill" gutted from $50+ billion to $15 billion dollars on mostly partisan lines, but perhaps indicating the severity of the economic DEPRESSION in the US there were five defectors from the Republicans allowing for it's passage. The new senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, was among them.

That bill contained NO UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE EXTENSION, leaving unemployed American workers without benefits for the next month, and perhaps longer. In Florida alone 20,000 every week stand to lose their benefits.

Although the Republicans are moaning about 'the early release of an all new Obama administration Health Reform plan', it turns out to be only eleven pages of modifications to a bill already approved by the Senate in December... and no... It STILL DOES NOT contain a public option.

You know where they're going as soon as NATO forces are driven out of Afghanistan - The Northern Alliance Opium Grower/Smuggler affiliated Karzai family is bullish on Afghanistan's ostensible "National bank", "Kabul Bank", 'founded by the Islamic nation's only world-class poker player', which has loaned them large sums of money to purchase suites in some of Dubai's finest accommodations. More on nepotism and corruption in Afghani finance, with $40 billion US dollars invested in the country (and 900-1000 US deaths) @ The Washington Post

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