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February 19 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Tiger Woods Tells The Media About His Sex 'Problem'... What Problem?

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceFebruary 19 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Tiger Woods Tells The Media About His Sex 'Problem'... What Problem?

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In The News:
The siege of Marjah Afghanistan is turning into a 'long grind' as US soldiers go door-to-door attempting to clear the city of insurgents without destroying the houses or the civilians. Residents have moved to the rooftops, which CERTAIN pundits believe is proof of the Taliban's inhumane use of 'human shields', as was said of Saddam Hussein's alleged use of civilians to protect military targets (another unproven charge against his Iraqi regime) but, as Marshall McLuhan pointed out after the first airline skyjackings in the 1960s, desperate people do desperate things.

His words... exactly: "Terrorists? Why they're people seeking to be noticed. They are people who have lost their lacking identity.". In other words, as Bob Dylan so aptly put it: "When you've got nothing you've got nothing to lose".

The people of Afghanistan, their homes, families, and culture are under siege (see here for more on the LONG TERM Western cultural assimilation of Afghanistan), and this may very well be a last ditch attempt at survival, or extinction, as much as Herero African women attaining a negative birth rate under Dutch and German rule (and eventually, according to Thomas Pynchon in his novel Gravitys Rainbow, developed elongated Fallopian Tubes making insemination and birth more problematic.) or for that matter, civilians in post-Yugoslavia's embattled city of Sarajevo taking a suicidal stroll down one street affectionately called 'sniper alley' after watching their city and country destroyed.

In MY Humble Opinion, the Talib may have suggested the civilian of Marjah take to the rooftops, but NO ONE told them they HAD TO or threatened them, or coerced them. Our invasion took care of all the threats (of destruction) and coercion (to cooperate or be considered insurgents) that the Taliban would EVER need.

In Pakistan, according to reports, the Pakistani authorities are claiming our much talked about captured "second-in-command of the Afghan Taliban" knows nothing and IS nothing. They intend to return him to Afghan authorities.

Another IMHO... The Talib IS NOT, despite the best analysis by Western so-called military experts, and statements by misinterpreted/misunderstood captured fighters, a vertically organized conglomerate with defined leaders and chain-of-command. Horizontally organized affinity grouping is closer to it, with NO LEADER ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the group to operate. Got That? NO LEADERS! The captured Mullah obviously knew about his own group's operations, but even by the time he was taken to an interrogation/torture chamber, any information he possessed was too stale to be acted upon in any manner that would affect the outcome of any strategy, tactic, or battle plan the West was intent on in the Afghan theatre of operations.

More intrigue on this 'capture':
Baradar, the second-in-command, is reported to have brokered a Taliban meeting in Dubai in January, with the UN’s top representative in Afghanistan, Kai Eide. To jog your memory, Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates over in the Persian Gulf (the insolvent one with the man-made island chain and the famous al-Burj Hotel). And while there is contrary word about this – Baradar reported as denying it, some sources saying he was detained because he refused to meet with Eide [In Full]

There are statements by North Korea implying they and the US will engage in meetings between high level government nuclear negotiators later this month or early March. The US is denying it.

President Obama has used an executive order to create a "Deficit Commission" (or panel) to work on ways to reduce the mindbogglingly large national deficit. Unfortunately congress has already rejected it, and a commission created by executive order without their approval has no power. But the members will undoubtedly enjoy good salaries, further increasing the US budget deficit.

Yesterday, a disgruntled middle class man in Austin Texas, with a home... and a private plane, wrote a rambling screed on his web page blaming the IRS and any number of people and organizations for his financial problems, and then torched his house, and went to the local airport, where he got in his airplane and flew it directly into an office building containing the local branch office of the IRS. He also blamed 'Greedy People' but it's notable that he killed himself and others because he couldn't keep his 'toys'. A very sick man.

In Other News:

Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society responds to a critic about his operation's "Piracy":
The latest editorial verbiage in The Australian has Associate Professor of Law Natalie Klein putting herself in the position of a Judge to condemn Sea Shepherd activists as pirates.

“Duh” Professor Klein, why don’t you tell us something we did not know? Perhaps you may have noticed our flag? I think our black and white color scheme with the skull and crossed trident and shepherd’s staff pretty much defines our pirate status.

So yes we’re pirates. So was Captain John Paul Jones, the founder of the U.S. Navy. So were Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. Did you notice the “Sir” bit Natalie?
So I have no problem with the headline of your article that “Whaling protesters are behaving like pirates”, except with the word “protesters.” We may be pirates, but we are not protesters.

I hate that name actually, it sounds so submissive, “please, please don’t kill the whales.”

I’ve never seen a banner, petition, or a hunger strike that has saved a whale - not a one. We on the other hand have cut Japan’s kill quota by a quarter to a half each year for the last five seasons.

No Natalie, we don’t protest. We intervene... [In Full]

Some Criminal law happenings of note:
SCOTUS to Revisit Terrorism Support

By William Fisher (The World According To Bill Fisher)
February 10 2010

Next week the Supreme Court will consider one of the most consequential cases to arise from the “global war on terrorism.”

The nine justices will hear lawyers’ arguments in a case known as Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, which challenges a portion of the USA Patriot Act. That act was hastily passed by Congress soon after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, with only one dissenting vote.

The Supreme Court case, originally brought in 1998, challenges the constitutionality of the law that makes it a crime to provide “material support” to groups the administration has designated as “terrorist.” It will test whether a person in the U.S. may be held criminally liable for speech advocating lawful, nonviolent activity that supports an organization on the government’s terrorist list.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday (March 23). [In Full]

Former New York City Police Commissioner and 9/11 "disaster dollar" leech Bernie Kerik gets a four-year (out of 61 year max) sentence for EIGHT federal corruption and fraud felonies.

How long do you suppose one might spend in prison for being Black, and charged with eight federal felonies for drugs or the like?


Three Strikes, You're IN (for the rest... of... your... life.)

Another criminal, Dick Cheney, makes surprise CPAC visit:

He said: "A welcome like that is almost enough to make me want to run for office again,"

More, and video of the rousing reception the international war criminal received from mainstream American conservatives @ Salon

War Memoriam... The last Canadian soldier to serve in "World War I", John Babcock, passes at 109 years.

...and the wars continue unabated.

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