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January 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Can The Democrats Change Focus To A More Populist Approach? Leashing The Dogs Of Capitalism?

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJanuary 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Can The Democrats Change Focus To A More Populist Approach... 'Leashing The Dogs Of Capitalism'?

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In The News:
What are the Democrats going to do now that they no longer have a veto-proof majority? Nancy Pelosi looks at the prospect of forcing the Health Care Reform bill vote as is and then taking it directly to the White House. Other options are limited and if the Senate debates the bill at all now that the Democrats no longer have a veto-proof majority it will be terminal.. flat lined. One pundit HAS another take and another possibility: "Obama learns lesson from Massachusetts: shifts further to the right". More in the commentary.

On Haiti, the tragedy continues as the Haitian people remain calm or try to get out of town... or wait for aid... which is slow in coming, but US troops aren't slow in coming, nor are the Pentagon insiders who are busily sucking in the bucks from the US treasury's disaster relief teat.

(Evergreen International Aviation... They do the 'logistics' end of CIA 'renditions' and have a long history of covert ops for the CIA and Pentagon. The Wired article fleshes(sic) it out)
"A controversial CIA contractor has found new work in Haiti, flying drones on disaster recovery duty.


When last we heard from Evergreen International Aviation, the Oregon-based firm was offering to post sentries at local voting centers during the 2008 election, ”detaining troublemakers” and making sure voters “do not get out of control.”

Now, company vice president Sam White tells Aviation Week that the firm is flying at least one ScanEagle surveillance drone over Haiti. ”The company has a fleet of 747s and a fleet of large and small choppers, and has begun ferrying in supplies to Port au Prince,” the magazine’s Paul McLeary notes. “White wouldn't’t say who the company is moving cargo for, saying only that ‘we’re working with different agencies, and we have one plane coming in tomorrow full of humanitarian supplies.’”

Over the years, Evergreen has had all sorts of interesting clients over its five-plus decades in operation. Back in the late ’80s, the company “acknowledged one agreement under which his companies provide occasional jobs and cover to foreign nationals the CIA wants taken out of other countries or brought into the United States.” In 2006, Evergreen’s parent company flew Bill O’Reilly into Kuwait in 2006, according to SourceWatch. Last April, the company won a $158 million contract to supply the Air Force with helicopters in Afghanistan. [In Full@Wired Danger Room]
No word on what that's costing US taxpayers, but Da Buffalo DID find Evergreen's NGO pricing for "Helicopters to Haiti":
"Bill Doonen, a representative of Evergreen Helicopters (Same Parent Company), said he could take the French team in. But it would cost about $7,000 an hour, with a four-hour minimum. I'm at a loss for words. [In Full @ OregonLive]
Meanwhile, the Venezuelans AND FRANCE are saying there has been a US take-over of the island country, but THAT happened in 2004.

"Weasel Words @ Work"...
"Sensitive to appearances the United States was taking too forceful a role, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the White House was being "very careful" to work with the Haitian government and the United Nations." [In Full]
There IS NO "Haitian Government"... There is a UN/US installed caretaker administrative regime and there has been no government since the US KIDNAPPED Jean Bertrand Aristide in the middle of the night and forced him into exile.

This 'lack of legitimate government' is also the case in Somalia, where the US and UN consorted to FORCIBLY REMOVE the democratically elected ICU and installed the TFG, headed by CIA thugs, who, when forced out, were picked up by a US Navy Seal team and whisked by submarine to Kenya, where the government informed them they were unwelcome, so the CIA took them to Ethiopia, which was more inclined to accept them, and also assist with an invasion of Somalia.

WMDS? Found 'Em!White House National 'Security' Advisor James Jones and Admiral Mullen are in Moscow hammering out the details on the new version of the SALT arms reduction agreement which would "reduce" the US inventory of strategic nuclear tipped missiles to somewhere between 1500-1675 WMDS.

What to do with a concentration camp island? Haiti, now with 2 million homeless and quite a few heading for the Florida Straits on anything that floats... Where will they go? GITMO, just 4 miles down the road from our Gulag, where 100 barracks tents have been set up for waterborne refugees and 1,000 more tents are ready if "needed".

Speaking of homeless.. One last thing... Guam, and expropriation... Currently ramping up as the US shuts it's Okinawa base:
"The military already controls about a third of the island, and will need to acquire more land for the buildup, which goes beyond the Marines. The Army is building a missile defense system on the island and the Air Force is adding more drones. The Navy is expanding its port so it can accommodate visiting aircraft carriers.

University of Guam Professor Victoria Lola Leon Guerrero says that expansion threatens the native Chamorro culture. She worries the military will take ancestral land from Chamorro families.

"These families and their homes are not visible on these maps but they live there. That is their land. They have their homes built. They are being approached by the military as we speak, to give up their land," she said." [In Full]
Yes it's Voice of America.. Yes, She's talking about indigenous Guamanians (?), who ARE American citizens... But HEY... It's not OUR back yard or OUR property being expropriated.

"Container shipments there are expected to jump from 100,000 to 600,000 a year".

So much for that area of the Pacific, it's inhabitants, and environment.

Folks, that's the way we've dealt with the rest of the world for years, "Just Take It", and in the end, the US spends more in it's defense budget than the other 20 largest defense spending nations combined (that includes Russia China Britain France...).

To do what? Defend ourselves from all the enemies we've made.( and it AIN'T because they're jealous of or 'freedom', ask those indigenous Guamians (?))

Hence: "According to polls, Americans support torture, a violation of both U.S. and international law, and Americans don't mind that their government violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and spies on them without obtaining warrants from a court."

It's a rationalized response ie. "I can't prevent theses enemies I've helped create by buying a sweatshirt made in a Pakistani sweatshop, so I guess I'll have to enjoy that sweat in a police protected state"

Of course no red-blooded American would ever SAY that.. They'd rationalize.

[After the Commentary 'Jed' does the Populist Party Hoedown with lyrics directed at those financial institution 'Hos' spoken of in the commentary. Courtesy of the respective artists]


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