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January 11 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Cabale Confessions - "I Have Been Inappropriate!" An Epiphany Over Harry Reid's Remark

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJanuary 11 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Cabale Confessions - "I Have Been Inappropriate!" And Truth No Longer Trumps 'Inappropriateness' - An Epiphany Over Harry Reid's 'Inappropriate' Allegedly Racist Remark

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In The News:
Blown MrapIn the new year of our war on Afghanistan, over the weekend the Taliban killed three more American soldiers in Helmand province and another in a roadside bomb attack. He was driving an allegedly mine-proof MRAP vehicle. That makes 10 Americans dead in the first 10 days of the year.

Meanwhile, General Stanley McChrystal says we can still win in Afghanistan.... But he's paid to say that.

Here's the strategy:

The Philippine police are attempting to enforce a five month pre-national election ban on guns throughout the country. Some are skeptical, and "have launched a voter's education drive against candidates who maintain private armies."

In Yemen, the president is now proposing talks with rebel elements and 'al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula' and US president Obama rules out sending US troops to Yemen or Somalia. More.

Still, the mood in Sanaa, Yemen's capital, is tense and nervous:
"Later in the afternoon, in a crisp white thobe and black turban, al-Fayek stood outside the beige brick building talking to friends and neighbors in the bright sun. He was grateful, he said, because the capital Sanaa is peaceful. “Here, in our area, it is safe.”

That sense of security is rare in a country that is facing a Shiite insurgency, a secessionist movement in the south, a looming water crisis and crushing poverty. And now the government is shifting its focus to fighting Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a Yemen-based offshoot of Osama bin Laden’s organization.

The capital Sanaa, surrounded by mountains, has been one of the few places that escaped the strife plaguing other regions of the country. But the mood in the mosques and markets reflects the city's unease about what the new-found focus on Al Qaeda might bring. Many in this small, desperately poor country are afraid they will become collateral damage in the next front of America's "war on terror."

“Everybody is worried about the future,” said Ammar al-Maktri, an accountant who is friends with al-Fayek. “About Al Qaeda and the Americans.”

Al-Maktri, like many Yemenis, has followed the events in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan on the news. He believes that if the U.S. tries to battle it out with Al Qaeda in Yemen, it will be the Yemeni people who suffer most.

For weeks now, the chatter on the streets of Sanaa has focused on just how far the U.S. intends to go in this fight.

In December, U.S.-ordered air strikes killed at least 60 suspected Al Qaeda militants, Yemeni officials said. And since a Nigerian born radical, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried to blow up a plane over Detroit after living in Yemen, it has become clear that the U.S. intends to retaliate....
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The Obama administration is planning to spend $187 million dollars to increase fuel mileage for cars and large truck-like vehicles (SUVs) (Ford makes Hydrogen powered engines for combat drones(Nov 2007)... about time for your Ford Excursion to have one too, don't you think?). $100 million dollars of the funds will come from the economic stimulus program.

There will be commuter mayhem in the San Francisco and North Bay as the egress to the Golden Gate Bridge is soon to be... umn... re-routed for repairs over the next three years. Expect massive traffic disruptions.


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