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January 08 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Nation In Fear - The Problem Isn't 'National Security', It's 'National Insecurity'

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Cabale News ServiceJanuary 08 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Nation In Fear - The Problem Isn't 'National Security', It's 'National Insecurity'

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What Terror?A bar chart germane to the commentary
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In The News:
Yesterday the president delivered his 'Mea Culpa'/'The Buck Stops Here' speech about the 'systemic failure' in airline safety and how national security and intelligence information is handled, in regard to the furor over the panty bomber's ability to just... get.... on... an international airline flight to the United States despite all the bells & whistles, which had been going off... for a long time before he ever bought the 'ticket to ride'.

Sooooo... Everyone 'Look Busy!'. The FBI rounds up two people in Queens New York for an alleged bombing plot.

The CIA SAYS they will expedite how they handle and distribute intelligence... (will that make it more accurate?)

And, if you need a job, there will be hundreds of new air marshals added to flights.

In Iraq, Blackwater has decided to pay the relatives and survivors of the Nisour Square shooting $100K/Dead Iraqi. But the Victims of Blackwater's Nisour Square Bloodbath Want Justice, Not Money

It's also notable that Blackwater is NOT just a mercenary organization!
They're official "Rogue Operators" for the CIA:

"The CIA team supposedly went in 'dark,'' meaning they did not notify their own station -- much less the German government -- of their presence; they then followed Darkazanli for weeks and worked through the logistics of how and where they would take him down,"

Perfect timing... (If you wanted to embarrass the Chinese government) A Taiwan firm says it filled high tech parts orders for mainland China (currently chairing the UN Security Council), that could be used for making nuclear weapons, which were then shipped to Iran.

In New Jersey the legislature has turned down a Gay marriage bill and next Monday, the Proposition 8 trial begins in California.

[After the Commentary, the Fear Nuttin' Band speaks of 'from whence the fear originates', and where it ends.... A "Police State". Courtesy of the respective artists]

More information germane to the root of our fears

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