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January 07 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Solution For The "American Mushroom Syndrome" - Fixing The Damage From Being Kept Ignorant

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Cabale News ServiceJanuary 07 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Solution For The "American Mushroom Syndrome" - How To Repair The Damage From Being Kept In Relative Ignorance About What We're Doing In The Way Of Global Mayhem

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In The News:
Today the White House releases an 'after action' report on "The Panty Bomber" who has now been indicted and is being 'negotiated with' in regard to what he knows about al Qaeda in return for no death sentence in his trial (But if he was willing to blow up a plane with himself on it, would he really care?)

Yemeni Anti-Terror FightersHow counter-terrorism REALLY works - The Yemenis had intelligence that there was a plot to attack 5 US occupied buildings in Aden and some of the alleged 'plotters' were picked up and interrogated. Now the Yemenis are searching for "The Mad Teenager of Aden". The city is near lockdown. Meanwhile their US pressured war continues with a siege of what is ostensibly AQ in the Arabian Peninsula's stronghold.

Senator Nancy Pelosi is in private negotiations with members of the House on a Health Care bill compromise and the Republicans have their 'panties in a knot' over Obama's promise that all the health reform proceedings would happen publicly.

Our 'allies' in Afghanistan are demanding that the US end it's night raids after an attack on a school that killed a number of children, even as the Afghani parliament refuses to confirm 'president' Karzai's cabinet nominees, meaning no one is running the Afghan government.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has reached his 'term limit, has delivered his last "State of the State" address where he promised to save some $$$ for California's decrepit and under-funded educational system, and rein in prison spending... Indeed, he no longer needs the Prison Guard's union to seek re-election, as no one can get elected governor in California without that union's support. Which also goes to show how many people are employed by the hopelessly overcrowded prison-industrial complex in the 'Golden State'.


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