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December 16 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Plan For Legalization Of Marijuana In California Part Two

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceDecember 16 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Plan For Legalization Of Marijuana In California Part Two - Setting It Up To Be Controlled By Counties And Municipalities Is BRILLIANT But It Will Take More... YOU... Changing Your Local Governments

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In The News: The head of the Copenhagen Climate Convention has resigned after 230 protester crash the gates (Good try!), approximately 2000 arrests, and a walkout by third world countries in attendance. President Obama is expect to speak on Friday, and he's not liable to find a receptive welcome.

In light of the upheaval at the Copenhagen convention, you might want to learn what one of the main issues of contention is... "Cap & Trade"... The global market trading of CO2 emissions which, as the "Danish Text" secret memo leak at the convention shows, is most likely to be rigged (NO QUOTES intentional) in favor of the affluent nations despite the FACT that the poorer nations contribute to the global CO2 output mostly by manufacturing CONSUMER CRAP (again NO QUOTES intentional) for the affluent of the planet, and, as any economics text you will ever read plainly states, use their OWN output for their OWN uses (such as heating their dwellings, cooking and transportation) MUCH MORE EFFICIENTLY than the 1st world nations.

Annie Leonard, the narrator of the humorously educational "The Story Of Stuff", "The Story Of Bottled Water", and "The Story Of Electronics", fills us in, in lay person's terms, on "The Story Of Cap And Trade".

There is also an interview with a couple of her cohorts at DemocracyNow!
Cap & Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

Will the expansion of carbon emissions trading help stop global warming or just create a new market for Wall Street to make billions? We air excerpts of Annie Leonard’s The Story of Cap and Trade and speak with Larry Lohmann and Frank Ackerman. [In Full]

Iran has successfully tested a solid fuel missile that now gives them the capability of hitting Israel, American facilities in the region and more.

From Foreign Policy Morning Brief:
Iran tests new long-range missile

Iran successfully tested an upgraded surface-to-surface missile this morning, which it claims has a longer range and greater maneuverability than its existing Shahab model. If true, the new Sejil would be capable of hitting targets in Europe and U.S. bases in the Gulf. [In Full]

The Washington, D.C. city council has passed a law OKing gay marriage and the mayor says he'll sign it but all laws made in DC must be approved by congress. Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.

President Obama has launched his "Cash for Caulkers" drive... which may generate some jobs for the currently terminally depressed construction industry, and all the slightly-beyond-peasants who bought all the ticky-tacky homes during the mortgage boom and who managed to hold on to them during the mortgage bust will have warmer toes if it works out.

Congress has finally done something! the House has passed a bill, and an identical bill is currently working it's way through the Senate, forcing the FCC to limit the use of COMMPRESSED AUDIO IN ADVERTISING which makes the volume of commercials incredibly louder than the program content. An example follows the commentary, at the end of the "commercial".


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