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December 03 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: He's The 'Decider' Redux - Obama's Afghanistan Strategy

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Cabale News ServiceDecember 03 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: He's The 'Decider' Redux - Obama's Afghanistan Strategy... You're Either For Him Or Agin Him But He's The President And HE Calls The Shots

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In The News: The leaders of industry and business in the US will be meeting at a White House 'job summit' today. Heh Heh... Left out were The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (src: RNC... Newt Gingrich held an RNC sponsored 'job summit' yesterday as well). Perhaps the White House wants those organizations to worry about THEIR job security. The current stated national unemployment rate is 10.2% which is, in reality, closer to 18 percent.

The New York Senate voted 38-24 against gay marriage yesterday, but New York is a state that allows common law relationships and other alternative relationships,

The Health Reform debate struggles on in the Senate as senator McCain attempts to move the whole bill back to the Finance committee. Meanwhile, senator Leahy of Vermont tries to re-instate anti-trust laws on the medical industry, which, if Da Buffalo remembers correctly (and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong) were indemnified (along with Major League Baseball) in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in some obscure provision of the PATRIOT ACT.

If you can't win, keep the morale up. Six former Miss Americas and Miss Utah, who is a serving soldier, flew into Afghanistan yesterday and even visited some Forward Operating Bases.

The climate change scandal is growing among certain elements of the American and international body politic. In the US that would be the Republicans... All due to a few corrupt scientists.

In response, Da' Buffalo recommends a CAREFUL STUDY of the researchers involved in the Pharma-Industrial complex who quite regularly skew and 'sink' data that would indicate their 'miracle pills' don't work (except to make the companies BILLIONS of dollars). A glaring and prominent example that comes to mind...Prozac, which un-released data indicated that a placebo worked just as well when handed to the patient by a 'medical authority' with the admonishment "This will help". There was also a scandal in the last couple of years when a researcher's data on a heart medication was disregarded by a panel which included a fellow researcher who had worked on the medication's research team and then jumped ship after the study was completed to contest that self-same data (for a better paycheck?).

There has been a response to Obama's Afghanistan strategy speech from an interested party... The Taliban:
There is neither a new point in the Obama’s strategy, nor it contains any solution for the Afghan issue. Obama wants to kill two birds with one stone. He wants to lessen the sensitivities of the Afghans about the surge of 30,000 troops through the ploy of ostensibly starting troops withdrawal in 2011. He also intends to decrease the opposition of the American public ( to the troops surge) and encourage his Allies at world’s level to send more troops. But this stratagem will not pay off. The reinforcement will result into ( their) fatalities. Similarly, the Afghans, the public of the world particularly, the people of America now know the realities and they are not going to be deceived by Obama’s juggling of words.

2. Throughout the history of Afghanistan, the Afghans have not been subjugated through deceits, ploys, materials power, troop’s reinforcement and military might of the foreigners. Therefore, the reinforcement of the American troops and other tactics will not have impact on the status quo. But the reinforcement will provide better opportunity for the Mujahideen to launch offensives. On the other hand, it will deepen the crisis of the American economy which is already in shambles. [In Full]
Juan Cole @ Informed Comment has more linkage on reactions from the neighboring nations.

In light of the commentary. YES We Can! (Get out of Afghanistan within ONE MONTH.)

This plan was originally intended for Iraq, but it works just as well in ANY conflict.

Stan Goff's (EX-Special Forces, Now Feral Scholar) 30 day withdrawal plan

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