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November 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Genocide By Europeans On The Native Americans And The 'Dinner Date' That Came Later

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Reflections On The Genocide Committed By European Settlers On The Native Americans... And The 'Dinner Date' That Came Later

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In The News: Stand by for a 'stand down'... or an anti-war 'stand off' in the streets of the U.S. - Last night the president's Afghanistan War Council gathered for the ninth and last time. A decision will be announced over our involvement in that nasty little dirty war during a prime time speech on Tuesday night. "Opinion polls show that most Americans believe the war is no longer worth fighting.". See the Washington Post: "Afghan troops announcement likely Dec. 1 (McChrystal and U.S. ambassador to testify on Afghanistan war)". Also see Foreign Policy In Focus "Hitting the Brakes on Afghanistan".

Update 1850pm PST... Why wait for the president to decide?

The Pentagon has plans:
CNN - Pentagon preparing to send 34,000 troops to Afghanistan, official says

FPIF is also calling on us to "Call the White House: Say No to the Surge"

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is going up before a legislative impeachment hearing today for thirty seven ethics charges, including flying off to Argentina to visit his girlfriend, and campaign fund reimbursements from state funds.

The elections in Iraq scheduled for January 2010 are pretty much out the window over the question of the election laws itself, Tikrit, and the Kurds. It was vetoed by one of Iraq's Vice Presidents but the legislature will most likely override the veto leaving it in the 'American Democracy' air. The U.S. is going to have a hard time explaining our presence in Iraq now that our last remaining rationale, 'free and fair elections' (Right!) has just been redacted.

San Francisco city workers met at the City Civic Center yesterday and then spilled out into the streets closing Market street, one of the busiest thoroughfare in the city, in protest of firings and layoffs due to be voted on today by the San Francisco city council. Expect revolt in other cities around California such as Da Buffalo's pasture, where the city council who's tourist-trade-business-first-and-foremost (cf.Fascist... corporatist) model of city operation has driven the city treasury into (or near... They're not showing us the books) bankruptcy, is about to vote on a PAY RAISE for city council members which they say they'll 'vountarily cut' (and then raise shortly therafter when no one is watching, at some Brown Act violating back room meeting)

[Before the commentary... An Invocation. After the commentary, John Trudell... "Blue Indians" (with the blues, because the "...ruling class rules the haves, and have nots").
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