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November 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Student Protests - U. California Viewed As An Industrial-Based Profit Making Operation

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Student Protests - The University Of California Viewed As An Essentially Industrial-Based Profit Making Operation

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In The News: Today there will be a ninth meeting of the White House Afghanistan "war council". President Obama will be meeting with NATO delegations today in an attempt to convince them to send more combat troops. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN'T!

Here's a headline that's not long in coming, and they'll keep coercing their allies, to keep it from being necessary to be published: "America Loses War In Afghanistan."
"If President Obama orders an additional 30,000 to 40,000 troops to Afghanistan, he will be deploying practically every available U.S. Army brigade to war," [In Full]
Four more Americans were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend...

The University of Santa Cruz students have surrendered after occupying a campus building over UC regent approved 32% fee increases and faculty layoffs. More in the commentary.

More from Peter Phillips of Project Censored (Sonoma State University)
The Higher Education Fiscal Crisis Protects the Wealthy

By Peter Phillips

Police are arresting and attacking student protesters on University of California (UC) campuses again. “Why did he beat me I wasn’t doing anything,” screamed a young Cal Berkeley women student over KPFA radio on Friday evening November 20. Students are protesting the 32% increase in tuition imposed by the UC regents in a time of severe state deficits. The Board of Regents claims that they have no choice. Students will now have to pay over $10,000 in tuition annually for a public university education that was free only a few decades ago.

The corporate media spins the tuition protests as if we are all suffering during the recession. For example, the San Diego Union Tribune November 20 writes, “These students need a course in Reality 101. And the reality is that there is virtually no segment of American society that is not straining with the economic recession. With UC facing a $535 million budget gap due to state cuts, the regents have to confront reality and make tough choices. So should students.”

Yet, the reality is something quite different...

...According to the California Budget Project, tax cuts enacted in California, since 1993, cost the state $11.3 billion dollars annually. Had the state continued taxing corporations and the wealthy at rates equal to those fifteen years ago there would not be a budget crisis in California. Even though a budget deficit was evident last year, California income tax laws were changed in February of 2009 to provide corporations with even greater tax savings—equal to over $2 billion per year. California is similar to the rest of the country where the wealthy and corporate elites enjoy economic protection through increased costs to working people.

Higher education has been cut in twenty-eight states in the 2009-10 school year and further, even more drastic cuts, are likely in the years ahead. California State University (CSU) system is planning to reduce enrollments by 40,000 students in the fall of 2010. The CSU Trustees have imposed steep tuition hikes and forced faculty and staff to take non-paid furlough days equal to 10% of salaries.

The students who are protesting tuition increases know they are being ripped off. They know that we are bailing out the rich with hundreds of billions dollars for Wall Street and massive budget cuts for the rest of us. The corporate media doesn’t explain to over-taxed working families how they are paying more while the rich sock it away.

The current economic crisis is a shock and awe process designed to undermine low-cost higher education, force labor concessions from working people and protect the wealthy. [In Full Here]

The Republicans on Capitol Hill are apparently attempting to force Tim Geithner out of the treasury, and (go figure) the chairman of JP Morgan board is being eyed as a replacement.

The contractors at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant outside of Detroit shut it down yesterday after excessive radiation was detected in one of the containment units. They say there was no detectable radiation leak to the outside atmosphere. That's what they tried to say the first time around when it almost melted down.

Haj - 2009 SecurityLooking for trouble in the Middle East? The Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, begins this week and the Saudis are preparing for trouble from Iranian pilgrims in regard to their hotly contested elections (More from the LA Times 'Babylon & Beyond').

Other issues regarding this religious event that ALL people of the Islamic faith must partake of to fulfill their religious duties... You can't just 'wander in from the desert' anymore. In order to be a 'good Muslim', you HAVE TO take a 'guided' trip to Mecca, arriving with others from the same group, from the same country, with a specially trained guide, and EVERY PILGRIM ENTERING THE COUNTRY IS IRIS SCANNED. The following image is taken from SaudiAramco's house journal... The article is entitled "Welcoming God's Guests", and what a warm welcome it is!

Click the image for the slideshow with commentary by SaudiAramco.
Haj - Saudi Iris Scan
For all intents and purposes this means if you are an enemy of the Saudi government, you can never be a 'good Muslim' and go on the Koran-required pilgrimage. You'd think the Muslim fundamentalists have a problem with that... and you'd be correct.

Meanwhile, in America, Da Buffalo's Bizzare *Headline of the day*
(AKA Isn't this how the Taliban got it's start?)

"US pours millions into anti-Taliban militias in Afghanistan"

Now, about all that squabbling in Congress over money to provide health care for Americans... They seem to spend it (neo)liberally enough killing enemies they created, but not to keep us, the citizens who pay their salaries, healthy.


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