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November 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Not Again Tonight Honey-Bunny Puhleeese! A History Of The Sexual Revolution And It's Pills

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Not Again Tonight Honey-Bunny Puhleeese! A Short History Of The Sexual Revolution And The Pills That Drive It

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In The News: It looks as if there will be combat death and wounded status allowed for the victims of the Fort Hood massacre as a bill is introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The shooter WAS known to the US intelligence community. See: Major Hasan Of Fort Hood: A Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?

Wherein, it is noted (...copiously footnoted as well), and compared to significant acts of 'terrorism', assassinations, and other mayhem committed by the US intelligence community worldwide:
In recent years, Major Hasan attended a mosque in Silver Spring Maryland which hosted fundraising for CIA covert operations against Russia : “Imam Faizul Khan ministered to Hasan when he worshiped at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring , Md . The Muslim Community Center has held fundraisers for Chechen jihadists, and promotes on its website a Shariah-based financial product offered by a Muslim Brotherhood front group under federal investigation.”[21] The essential element here is that the mosque was raising money for Chechen rebellion, which is notoriously a strategic tool of the United States and the United Kingdom against Russia . Perhaps such a fundraiser for Chechen terrorism might have been attended by Ilyas Achmadov, the de facto ambassador of the leading CIA-backed Chechen organization implicated in terrorism, who lives in Washington , DC at US taxpayer expense thanks to his sponsorship by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the gray eminence of Obama’s foreign policy team. [In Full]

The Congressional Budget Office is late delivering the numbers crunched for the Senate Heath Care Bill... Hopefully they'll be delivered before lunch tomorrow when Congress goes on a loooooooong Thanksgiving recess.

Hamid Karzai is being 'inaugurated' as 'president' of Afghanistan with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton present, but NO REPORTERS. Only 39 other governments have sent representatives. Clinton is also due to meet with general McChrystal and our ambassador while in Afghanistan.

UC staffers have gone on strike to protest budget cuts, staff layoffs, 33% tuition hikes, and more, while the UC regents keep the UC sports budget intact.

Har! Pirates redux! The Maersk Alabama is attacked again, but this time an on-board security team repelled them. Pirates are also holding a Virgin Islands flagged North Korean cruise ship... North Korea has a cruise industry, and it apparently 'American Flags' the vessels.

In light of the commentary, it's notable that:
Barbie Is Getting Older But Her Taste In Men Isn't

[After the commentary, Candy Kayne, and Little Feat (Live at Ultrasonic Studios on 1974-09-19), get it on... Candy Courtesy of KPIG radio Freedom California Earth, and Little Feat, Open Source, Courtesy of Gracious audio host to Cabale News Services as well.]


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