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November 03 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Facing Up To Reality In Central Asia - The West Is Losing The AfPak War... Badly Losing

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 03 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Facing Up To Reality In Central Asia - The West Is Losing The AfPakistan War... And Losing Badly

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In The News: The San Francisco Bay Bridge is open again... and again, there is no parking in San Francisco.

In Sacramento the Water Bill, which Southern California is depending on for it's very existence, is being hashed out. More.

There will be no elections in Afghanistan after Abdullah Abdullah pulls out of the elections because election officials were not inspected for corruption and replaced if necessary... He called the 'elections' fraudulent.

In Rawalpindi Pakistan a suicide bomber killed 30 (35) old soldiers and wounded many more who were lined up at a local bank on payday. Meanwhile, in Waziristan, the Pakistani army is stalemated in fighting with the Taliban.

Being American means never having to say you're sorry... A federal appeals court has ruled that a Canadian citizen who was 'rendited' from JFK airport and tortured despite the fact that he had done nothing will not be able to sue the US OR the agencies responsible for his abduction.

A combined operation of Israeli and US forces has been reported to have flown out of Djibouti and removed the last 600 (correction: 60) Jews from Yemen. "The US State Department has secretly brought about 60 Yemenite Jews to the United States since July..." ... out of an approximate population of 360.

The headlines say it all...

Two Pot Stops Tops - SC Sentinel 091103

A woman driving drunk on Highway 1 just North of Santa Cruz city limits smashed head-on into a motorcycle rider yesterday killing him and then proceeded to strike the cyclist's wife's car, injuring her. The woman who struck the rider was THREE TIMES OVER the legal definition of DUI and had already been twice convicted of the same crime.

In the meantime, the city of Santa Cruz has stated that two medical Marijuana dispensaries in the city is all that they are considering allowing, and plan on legislating it into local law.

This Buffalo thinks that there should only be TWO BARS, of the "SLEASY" OR "FERN" variety allowed in Santa Cruz, and private security stationed on the premises as required of the medical Marijuana dispensaries, with police officers stationed nearby to immediately breathalyze and arrest anyone who manages to slip by security and into their car while drunk.

Click Here for the DUI Story, and here for the city of Santa Cruz' attempt to limit the number of facilities supplying medical Marijuana... The two facilities currently in place need to be thouroughy investigated for ties to members of the city council, just as one might investigate whether the one or two liquor dispensing establishments in a mid-Western US 'Dry County' have ties to THOSE local governments.

And finally, a sad note... The music world lost one of it's finest over the weekend. Norton Buffalo, Harmonicalogist for Roy Rogers, Steve Miller, Bonnie Raitt, and countless others has passed after a brief but valiant fight with Cancer.

Norton's life will be celebrated Jan. 23 at the Fox Theater in Oakland in a benefit concert starring the Steve Miller Band and the Doobie Brothers, with special guests Huey Lewis, George Thorogood, Charlie Musselwhite and Bonnie Raitt.

[After the commentary, Ralph Anybody, KPIG DJ, reminisces on the day a couple of years ago when station founder Laura Ellen passed. Norton Buffalo was one of the people who called the station that day, to play a tribute to her... Followed by more...]

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