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October 30 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: eBay Sinks Dan O'Neill's "Irish Republican Navy" - Proof! Revolution Should Be Fun AND Funny

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 30 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Proof That Revolutionary Acts Shouldn't Just Be Fun... They Should Be Funny! eBay Sinks Dan O'Neill's "Irish Republican Navy"

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In The News: Nancy Pelosi introduces a $900 billion dollar health care plan (estimated to save taxpayers $104 billion dollars of the federal deficit) to the House... with a public option. Details.

In Nuristan province of Afghanistan, a hundred miles North of Kabul, a second 6+ earthquake in two weeks has struck, assuredly leaving the roads out of order for the election runoffs.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Pakistan and pretty much tells the Pakistani government that we know that they know where Osama bin Laden is and questioned Pakistan's 'loyalty to the U.S. and she continued on regarding the foreign aid package, with strings attached that rubs the Pakistani government and citizens the wrong way... she essentially told them if they don't want it, they don't have to take it.

The Bay bridge is still closed and despite estimations of a couple of days till re-opening, expect a week. Meanwhile, the San Francisco police are going to occupy the whole Castro district for Halloween... The Gay community... just like Afghanistan. Only locals will be allowed in and all others will be "discouraged". See the 'Chron': "SFPD decrees Halloween in Castro is dead"

A deal has been cut in the Honduran coup. President Zelaya will return to preside over a coalition government until next month's elections. It's expected his party's choice of successor will win. More.

In other news, the Defense Appropriations bill takes aim at endemic institutional corruption at the Pentagon even as a junior congressional staffer on the Ethics committee accidently leaks the fact that 30 members of congress are under investigation for ethical violations. Six of those being investigated are on the Defense Appropriations committee. A currently in progress live discussion with Washington Post National Desk Staff Reporter Carol Leonnig appears here.

Folks, Da' Buffalo admits defeat at the hands of the Irish Republican Navy, AND the Winnebago Navy (founded to prevent the forced removal of Winnebago Native American tribal members and the flooding of their lands in the early 1960s for a reservoir located along the northern tier of the US... That navy consisted of a fleet of rowboats and canoes). No images or direct references can be found. The Irish Republican Navy IS mentioned briefly in Dan O'Neill's Wikipedia entry, but there is no mention at all of the Winnebago Navy on the internet... The Wiki entry for the tribe, now known as Ho-Chunk is Here.

After the commentary, Country Joe McDonald, Save The Whales... Dedicated this morning to a currently operating Revolutionary Navy of the first order, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, at this moment in the Antarctic, the most forbidding place on the planet, searching for illegal whalers with "Butter (Stink) Bombs" at the ready.
Sea Shepherd Antarctic Expedition
Their website. Visit, donate, or support and volunteer for the cause if you can.


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