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October 20 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Women's Breasts Vs 'Plastic' Pageants With 'Boobs' To Match

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 20 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Cabale Confessional - YES! I Was Influenced In My Youth By Women's Breasts, But Not By 'Plastic' Pageants With 'Boobs' To Match

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In The News: Every once in a while the FBI gets it right and we hear about it: A fellow who works for NASA, who thought he was selling secrets to an agent of the Israeli government, found out the hard way that he was really attempting to sell them to the FBI. The Israeli propaganda mill, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (Perversely motto-ed as: 'The global news service of the Jewish people'), headlined it this way: Alleged spy wannabe asked for Israeli citizenship

Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai has agreed to a run-off election on November 7th, between he and Abdullah Abdullah of the Northern Alliance (There's a choice! UnoCal consultant Vs. Opium growers). The election will be run by an international team this time... Meaning US Blackhawk Helicopters carrying the ballot boxes.

Secretary of Defense Gates is in Tokyo negotiating with the new government about "...the planned relocation by 2014 of a major air base on southern Okinawa island." According to Xinhua, the Chinese news agency "Japan's role in the Middle East (read Afghanistan) is also likely to be on the agenda."

The Iranians and the Pakistanis may make it possible for the West to get out of Afghanistan without losing what they invaded for - The Iranians and Pakistan (India is not particularly happy) are negotiating building a pipeline that would circumvent the need for a short-route that WAS ORIGINALLY planned to cut through the Afghanistan. Part of the reason that the US corporation Enron failed was due to their investment in the Natural Gas fields in Central Asia that were going to supply that pipeline to the Indian Ocean, and when it became obvious that the Afghan-routed pipeline was going to be a 'pipe-dream', Enron's investments began to collapse, leading to the need to 'cook their books' in a massive Ponzi scheme.

For more on this, see: Pepe Escobar, Pipelineistan Goes Af-Pak, May 12, 2009, TomDispatch and more recently, "Iran and the `Pipelineistan' Opera"

PhotobucketCarrie Prejean, Miss California, who lost her crown in a publicity-driven cat-fight (...the Miss California pageant said she had breached her contract with them and refused to make scheduled appearances.) over her belief about Gay marriage is being sued by the Miss California organization for the money (about $5,200) they put out for her boob job.

More boobery in the commentary.

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