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October 15 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Until We All Get Around To Dying Off - Marijuana... The Baby Boomer's Medication Of Choice

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 15 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Until We All Get Around To Dying Off - Marijuana... The Baby Boomer's Medication Of Choice

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In The News: Russia and China are about to make an energy deal with Siberian Natural Gas being delivered to China. We'll all breathe a little easier when they quit using Coal in their burgeoning industrial and manufacturing sectors. More from RIA Novosti (Ru). Associated Press has more. Finally, a regional analysis of Eurasia, AKA "Pipelinistan", from Pepe Escobar: "How Central Asian Energy Maneuverings Are Turning Into The Real Political Thriller Of Our Time"

Juan Cole at Informed Comment directly states what the political tension is about:
China does not need to import much natural gas, in contrast to petroleum (it imports nearly 4 mn. barrels per day of oil), and still has not gotten the terms from Russia it is seeking. Putin's initial approach to China with regard to natural gas exports created fears in Europe, which is heavily dependent on Russian gas, that their supply might be reduced in favor of Beijing. These anxieties and considerations around energy supplies are likely to drive geopolitics in the 21st century. [In Full]

WOW! $250 Dollars! (snicker) President Obama is ready to go with a new "Economic Stimulus" that would pay out to federal benefit recipients who have not received their Cost Of Living Adjustment raises.
Obama's proposal, announced Wednesday, calls for a one-time payment sometime next year. It would be equivalent to about 2% of the annual benefit for the average Social Security retiree, senior administration aides said, and would also go to Supplemental Security Income recipients, veterans, railroad retirees and government retirees. Each person would be eligible for just one $250 payment, even if he or she qualified under more than one program.[In Full]
The public will get its first granular look Thursday at how the $787 billion stimulus package is being spent -- but the information may leave armchair auditors dissatisfied, and the data on job-creation data will be less than definitive.

The White House estimated when the bill was enacted in February that it would create or save 3.5 million jobs, and administration economists estimate that it has saved or created 1 million positions so far. Skeptics note the rise in unemployment to nearly 10 percent; the White House says things would be much worse without the stimulus.[In Full]

International observers agree - Some of Russia's parliamentary opposition parties walked out yesterday over rigged regional elections including the elections in Moscow itself.

The Pakistani military has been on the offensive in tribal Waziristan so the tribally oriented Taliban have decided to simply go after Pakistani police with a number of targeted bombings and attacks. Four gunmen attacked police buildings in Lahore, a car bomb was set off in Kohat near another police station, and another bombing in Peshawar.

Don't delay! Do it today! Today is the last day to come clean about your offshore tax dodges without federal criminal charges being filed. It's notable that the fellow who 'blew the whistle' on UBS and brought the federal s*ithammer down on these offshore havens is going to prison, so don't expect anyone will cooperate with the feds again regarding tax shelters.

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