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October 13 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Called Water...And It's Causing A Long-Time-Coming Political Crisis In California

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 13 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Called Water...And It's Causing A Long-Time-Coming Political Crisis In California

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In The News: Da' Buffalo wants to thank ChrisM for the backup copy of this morning's commentary. Thanks Chris!

The British, who attempted to control Southern Iraq and the region around Kirkuk then pulled out, have been requested to return (100 naval 'trainers') by the Iraqi parliament to re-attempt controlling the oil fields that are being scavenged by the Iraq variant of 'pirates'.

Secretary of State Clinton is in Russia trying to gain support for sanctions on Iran over their PERFECTLY LEGAL nuclear program... Good Luck! The Russians would rather pen a recycle/return agreement with Iran. But the two superpowers have announced jointly that there will be a major reduction in 'strategic arms' (read nuclear weapons) between the two countries (and then the Russians can spend that military money helping us with our Af-Pakistan war... Sound cynical? Dang right! That alliance is most likely already in progress with supply routes and logistics supported by the Russian military infrastructure)

Speaking of Pakghanistan... With winter coming on there will be 13,000 more US soldiers...ostensibly 'support troops'... headed to Afghanistan no matter what the Obama administration decides regarding our presence in the country. Those troops are being sent to help secure the loooong supply routes through Usbekistan, Kyrgystan, and Kazakaitan. Then there will be 68,000 US soldiers in country.

The Senate Finance Committee should be getting ready to vote on the Health Care bill any minute now, and then on to the full senate where it will get shredded.

A suicide bomber hit a Pakistani military convoy passing through a market in the Swat valley of Pakistan leaving 41 dead. This means the Talib and the Pakistanis are back to 'getting their war on'. The ramp up in violence has been linked to a looming ground offensive in South Waziristan where air strikes continue. The ground offensive is supposed to begin this week but the Pakistanis have never had much luck getting more than 50 km into the region. Gain, winter is approaching in the region and the fighting will cease for a while.

The California legislature is going to hash out their water plan today and if implemented is expected to save 20% of the state's water usage by 2020. More in the commentary. More from the Fresno Bee.

Da' Buffalo's opinion about the 'endgame' of California's water usage versus it's availability is here.

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