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October 12 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Christopher Who? On The Exploitation Of The Modern World By The 'White Folk' Europeans

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceOctober 12 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Christopher Who? On The Exploitation Of Most Of The Modern World By The 'White Folk' Europeans

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In The News: Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, forces a special session to deal with the decrepit state of California's water infrastructure by threatening a 'pocket veto'.

The bill provides for new dams, repairs to old dams and the aqueduct system that most of California's agribusiness depends on to exist at all in it's current mono-cropping form.

Where Da' Buffalo grazes, the ag interests have chosen to grow two of the most water intensive crops in the world... Lettuce and Strawberries... In a region where there is (despite a looming Pacific typhoon driven storm due this evening) precious little water. Recommended reading, Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, by Marc Reisner.

Whether or not the water works bill will help California's agriculture industry, which to a great extent depends on water delivered from other states remains to be seen. Over the nearly hundred years since the state's hydrological development, with the help of federal water works and subsidies, California has singlehandedly stripped the Colorado River basin dry and in the process caused upstream-contaminated water to be delivered to Mexico despite treaties, nearly causing a war in the early 20th century. It's also worth noting the federal water subsidies (ten cents on the dollar) that the Central Valley farmers depend on for their economic survival are due to expire... soon. When the headlines in California's newspapers read "Federal Government Cutting Off Central Valley Agricultural Water" last year, the headline was not only disingenuous, but a harbinger of another looming economic disaster for the state.

The 'Governator' also just signed over 500 bills waiting, as leverage on the state legislature, for his signature. He also rejected a 200 or so pending legislative papers.

The Senate Finance Committee vote on the Health Care bill is due tomorrow, but probably won't occur until Wednesday.

The UN commission on the Afghanistan elections has come apart, with the one of the two Afghani delegates quitting, "...citing interference by foreigners.". "In announcing his resignation from the commission, Maulavi Mustafa Barakzai alleged that the three foreigners on the panel — one American, one Canadian and one Dutch national— were "making all decisions on their own" without consultation."

The US just passed a bill to 'assist' Pakistan.

The Pakistani government and people are rejecting it as an insult.

To wit:
Open Letter To Citizens Of the U.S

Dear Citizens of United States,

We Pakistanis are ordinary beings like you, having the same dreams, same needs, ambitions, emotions, reservations and same passion if not more for our country. We like you, to feel the same regret for wars, same grief for the world problems, same distress towards injustice, same hopes for a better tomorrow. We, like you, also fantasize having serene borders, comfortable homes for our children, fine education, some leisure, and a satisfied mind that what we are contributing to this country and the world at large today will benefit us and our future generations tomorrow. We fancy the feeling of living in sheer coziness of our homeland, away from overseas interventions and foreign-extremism in the exact same way as an average American desires.

We didn’t get our independence as a birthday present, we got it after much struggle and sacrifices (over 4 million lives were lost during the migration); after much strangling and many fatalities, we finally broke free of the quandary at the hands of British and Hindu rulers. After independence, we have shown remarkable progress in many areas despite having rulers who placed personal interests over national interests, who never really had to face the trauma of poverty, sickness, injustice, or leaving their loved ones behind to inhabit a land with no promises. Yet we did not give up and made a nation out of it. We did not fail as our current leaders try to put it, to solicit more and more aid to gratify their own greed. In our short history we have never been blessed with a true leader after our founder, and yet imagine our courage, we did not break down, we moved on and on. And we never really looked for shortcuts to this existence, we have paid plenitude.

We have now been presented with yet another aid package from your country which will be financed by American taxpayers money, which is the right of American citizens and on which we have got no claim. To your surprise neither do we need it to solve our problems. We do NOT need it. We have been seasoned to rely on our own resources, our own means; because at the end of the day this money will not be utilized for our poor nation it will land somewhere you cannot imagine its terminus to be. Period.
[In Full @ Pak Alert Press]

In our wars... Rawalpindi Pakistan, 40 dead and 100 injured in a botched commando raid on militants

...and in Iraq... REMEMBER IRAQ?, 23 Dead, 100 wounded in Ramadi in coordinated bombing attacks.

From Juan Cole @ Informed Comment:
Monday, October 12, 2009

23 Dead, 100 wounded in Ramadi Blast; Election Law still in Doubt

Liz Sly reports from Baghdad on the three bombings that shook Ramadi, capital of al-Anbar Province, to its core on Sunday and left at least 26 dead and a hundred wounded. The first two bombings occurred outside the Governor's mansion where delegates from the Shiite-dominated government of PM Nuri al-Maliki were meeting with Sunni tribal leaders of the Awakening Council, which had turned against Sunni Muslim radicals and cooperated with US forces. Al-Zaman writing in Arabic says that the second bomb was timed to go off just as rescue workers arrived to deal with the victims of the first one, though another official said there were only 7 minutes between the blasts. A suicide bomber hit the hospital, perhaps timing his attack with the arrival of victims of the first two, though al-Zaman says that he initially tried to bring a truck bomb close to the hospital and was stopped by alert guards. He then came to the hospital wearing a suicide belt bomb and killed two persons when he detonated his payload. [In Full]
See this link for more about the botched raid in Rawalpindi Pakistan and what the militant might want, from Juan Cole.

North Korea fired three missiles out to sea over the weekend, further increasing the atomic irritation factor on the Korean Peninsula leaving the Russians 'confused', and Secretary of State Clinton 'brushing it off', stating it will not hinder her work towards 'a nuclear free Korean Peninsula'.

In light of the commentary, one might consider the words of John Kay and Steppenwolf in this live video of a performance from 2004. A classic song that received ZERO airplay when it was released in the 60s and even to this day is ignored by commercial radio. But the Wolf is still prowling the collective dark subconscious of the American myth...

This from 2004:
Recommended watching... An 'Illustrated' cover version of Steppenwolf's "Monster/Suicide/America done in 2008 is available HERE. It's not Steppenwolf, but you'd have listen very closely to tell and it's quite well done. The 'illustrations' can be quite graphic, and may not be suitable for children or those who think of America's history in a naive, 'Leave It To Beaver' way.

...and from Indian Country Today, much too little... way too late:
Senate approves apology to Natives, part two

By Rob Capriccioso
Oct 12, 2009

WASHINGTON – For the second year in a row, the Senate has voted to apologize to Native Americans for historical injustices.

The apology, known as the Native American Apology Resolution, was attached to a defense appropriations bill, which the congressional body voted on Oct. 6.

The resolution extends a formal apology from the United States to tribal governments and Native American people nationwide. It is aimed at making amends for years of “ill-conceived policies” and acts of violence against Native Americans by U.S. citizens.

It also asks President Barack Obama to “acknowledge the wrongs of the United States against Indian tribes” in order to encourage healing.

The president was asked earlier this year by grassroots groups to apologize specifically for atrocities carried out on Indians who attended boarding schools, often forcibly.

Obama has not yet said if he will take such action. [In Full]

[After the commentary, John Kay and Steppenwolf... The Wolf Lives!]


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