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October 07 2009 Commentary: Musings On 'My Generation' (and yours) - Being 'Cool'.... Sometimes It Simply Means 'Stuck On Stupid'

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 07 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Musings On 'My Generation' (and yours) - Being 'Cool'.... Sometimes It Simply Means 'Stuck On Stupid'

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In The News: Up front... The missing-in-action commentary from yesterday has surfaced! It's entitled: Why ARE We In Afghanistan? Osama bin-Laden? Lapis Lazuli? A Pipeline? Whatever It Is, We CANNOT Afford It, In More Ways Than Dollars

It's been eight years since the US invaded afghanistan ostensibly to hunt down Osama bin-Laden and in the process, we proceded to install a former UnoCal consultant as president of the country, demonize the Taliban and enrage the citizens of the country, leading up to a massively corrupt national 'election' reminicent (See: Massive Fraud in Afghanistan Election - Nasrine Gross writes in a guest op-ed for Juan Cole's Informed Comment) of Diem's election as South Vietnam's leader in another, similarly murderous war. In the meantime that sort of discussion is being held at the White House today with the focus on Pakistan, a country inexorably linked by borders that no one except the industrialized nations of the West believe exist, to our military mis-adventure in Afghnistan.

The Health Care battle is 'stuck in neutral' in the Senate Finance Committee over whether the budget numbers ARE 'revenue neutral'. The Congressional Budget Office will be delivering those figures to congress, and on the internet within a day or so.

The Dalai Lama is in Washington DC to receive human rights award, but no visit to the White House is in the works because of sensitive US foreign policy meetings with the Chinese coming up soon

The 60 vote Democrat senatorial majority is STILL 'under the gun'. In Delaware, a Republican is going to run for vice president Joe Biden's senate seat and stands a reasonable chance of winning.

[After the commentary, here's your choice America... "Drink The Kool-Aid" or sip the "Same Old Wine"... Loggins & Messina. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]


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