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September 01 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The California Fires... The Economics Of Insuring And Protecting Homes In Fire Zones

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 01 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Mining The Silver Linings From Dark Clouds - The California Fires... The Economics Of Insuring And Protecting Expensive Homes In Fire Zones

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In The News: The Massachusetts legislature is about to vote on a law on allowing the governor to immediately appoint an interim senator. For the last sixty years it's been Democrats leading one to believe that the Dems might retain their relatively bulletproof' majority for overriding filibusters, but there will be a special election in January... We'll see how much the state's demographics have changed.

President Obama is going to moderate talks between Prime Minister Olmert of Israel and US State Department and militarily backed (and it might be noted UNELECTED BY THE PALESTINIANS in their own country), in-exile "President" Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine.

General McChrystal has delivered a review of the war the West is prosecuting against the third world nation Afghanistan and calls for a new strategy, but he's not yet calling for more troops, which Secretary of Defense Gates says he'll think about... as in 'about if we HAVE any more troops that aren't worn out, too injured mentally or physically, or aren't ready to mutiny due to multiple tours of duty that they weren't aware of when they signed up, and could only be called 'back door IMPRESSMENT... Feeling a Draft yet kiddies? Hmmm, It's not even the end of summer yet and already Da Buffalo feels a cold wind blowing. Foreign Policy Magazine's headline calls it right (albeit their response would be what could only be termed 'neo-liberal')... "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy". Will the Big Fool say "push on"?

If you want your Flu shots and you consider yourself 'high risk' (Neurologists urged to watch for rare swine flu vaccine side-effect kiddies... ), you can start lining up at the end of September... Oh and if you're STILL paranoid (and want to torture your children), Rare but deadly meningitis: Don't forget kid shots (even, as the article states, if you find it "tough-to-pronounce").

50 or more homes have been burned near Auburn California and there are a dozen or more fires burning throughout the state with seven considered "major', including Mount Wilson, home to a historic astronomical observatory, and due to it's six thousand foot elevation, a HUGE number of antennas for commercial interests, public safety, and the military.
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A historic note. On this date, in Danzig Germany, the first shots were fired in WWII. The war on Afghanistan is taking longer to 'win' than the whole of that war, which demolished most of Europe and left the US as the global economic powerhouse for 50 or more years... It most likely will NOT happen that way this time around. Just ask the Russians (Also, an in-depth analysis by the US government at the National Security Archive, Georgetown University).

The Onion News has more on the topic discussed in the commentary:

Californians Gather To Celebrate The Annual Wildfire Tradition

After the commentary, the Black Irish Band with an ode to the people, including thousands of prison inmates nationwide, who risk their lives going "Into The Fire" to protect the often un-protectable property of folks who quite regularly earn tens or hundreds of times more than they.

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