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June 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Thailand Does It Better - It's Time To Lean On Your Representatives About National Health Care

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJune 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Thailand Does It Better - It's Time To Lean On Your Elected Representatives About The Lack Of Health Care In A Nation That **Claims** To Have The Best Health Care In The World

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In The News: President Obama signed the $106 BILLION DOLLAR AfghanIraqiPaki war spending bill (six day old story) funding our dirty wars between now and September (and no MSM reporting on it... see this AARP article focusing on the 'Pork'), including funding for research on the h1n1 virus and tax breaks for your clunker car when you upgrade to more fuel efficient vehicle...

(but NOT necessarily environmentally efficient compared to vehicles that USED TO EASILY last 30 years before ending up in a junkyard as reusable scrap metal and parts, but are now obsoleted and bound for a junkyard at 10 years old as plastic, generally un-recyclable rubbish... unless one considers making park benches from the crap recycled plastic derived from them something other than rubbish). Can you Say Zero-Sum? Environmental 'Shell Game'?)

They LUV us over there - One of the things coming up in our wars, at least the one on Iraq, is all our forces are supposed to be pulling out of Iraqi cities within the next week with a deadline of June 30th. Iraq has declare the deadline day a National Holiday.

The Destroyer USS McCandless is relieving the USS McCain in the US Navy's shadowing a North Korean scow believed to contain weapons systems, which, btw WAS NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL when North Korea transported Russian weapons systems to Ethiopia for our war on Somalia.
Three months after the United States successfully pressed the United Nations to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of the country's nuclear test, Bush administration officials allowed Ethiopia to complete a secret arms purchase from the North, in what appears to be a violation of the restrictions, according to senior American officials. The United States allowed the arms delivery to go through in January in part because Ethiopia was in the midst of a military offensive against Islamic militias inside Somalia, a campaign that aided the American policy of combating religious extremists in the Horn of Africa.
[In Full, Global Policy Forum reprint of a NYTimes article, April 7, 2007]
Self-serving Hypocrisy... That's what America is known for in the global community.

Change THAT, and it will truly be a "New World Order" for the planet.

Speaking of HYPOCRISY Juan Cole @ Informed comment on the Iranian protests: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Washington and the Iran Protests: Would they be Allowed in the US? .

Not if Da' Buffalo remembers his anti-war history correctly.
Chicago 68 - 2
Chicago 68 - 1


Speaking of NIXON! The Obama Justice Department has released another batch of "The Nixon Tapes" and this time it's all raw material sans analysis, including Ronald the RayGun calling Dick congratulating him for the firing of the Attorney General when an investigation of Watergate complete with special prosecutor was threatened. George H.W. Bush is also heard on tape.

In Sacramento the budget plan is up for some sort of vote today in the assembly. The governor and Republicans say it's inadequate, even as the late great state of California's economy goes "over the falls".
Over The Falls

Today is the kick off at the White House for the National Health Care plan as the health care industry begins to object to any public input or options in regard to that plan. More in the commentary.

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